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125 Years ago

Friday, February 10, 1893

Hiawatha is being all torn up over the liquor investigations which are still going merrily on. We would be delighted to see a few of Hiawatha’s “highly respectable” druggists made to suffer the full penalty of the law. It is to be hope that the result will prove that they have monkeyed with the law once to often.

The kindling wood question has split families, caused divorces and brought about any amount of domestic disturbance, but an accident occurred at Goffs, the other day, that threatens to still further complicate matters. As nobody likes to split the wood the task has been given to the boy, if there existed such a useful appendage in the family, and now since a man split his nose with a sharp piece of wood and the surgeon had to be called to dress the wound the Goffs boy has risen and “revoluted” and his mother has been driven to a pine board and the old, dull butcher knife.

A very painful accident befell Asbury Moore of Stringtown while he was chopping wood the first of the week. A misdirected blow of the ax cut his right foot from toe to instep.

There was no preaching service at the Congregational church Sunday evening on account of the severe weather and the indisposition of Mr. Hogbin who has been confined to the house a part of the week with an attack of sciatica.

100 Years ago

Thursday, February 7, 1918

Joe Postel, who lives near Fairview and lived here many years where is well-known, fell on the slippery walked and broke his hip bone. He was brought to the Sabetha hospital for an X-ray.

Doc Wittwer indignantly denies the story in last week’s Sabetha Herald that he had the German measles. He wants it distinctly understood that he is a patriotic American and resents the slanderous story implicating him in any such manner. He is not now and never has been a hyphenated American. They were American measles not German measles.

Fifteen high school boys were suspended Wednesday until Friday for disorderly conduct Tuesday night. The boys met at the school house Tuesday night to practice as a Glee Club. The meeting degenerated into a fight with chalk. After breaking an electric light; the electric bells were disconnected, water was turned into the hose pipe and other alleged funny jokes were perpetrated. The boys were promptly suspended. It had been hoped that there was an end to past unenviable conduct of pupils in the Sabetha high school. This sort of thing isn’t funny in high school pupils. There is reason to believe the superintendent isn’t going to stand for it, the town is glad to observe.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, February 10, 1943

Nemaha County is represented at Emporia State Teachers College at the opening of the second semester by the following students: Irene I. Plattner, Sabetha; Elise Gladys Brooks, Wetmore; and Milton LaVerne Stanton, Vermillion. The number of student in the college division at the end of the first week of the semester. February 1, was 626 – the smallest enrollment for the college since World War I.

“Buy feed wheat while the supply lasts,” is the advice of A. L. Lortscher chairman of the Nemaha County AAA committee. He points out that a considerable portion of the 125 million bushels of wheat that Congress has authorized the Commodity Credit Corporation to sell for feed is already gone.

An early morning fire destroyed the Jess Bailey home just south of the Union Pacific railroad track on the west side of North Sixth street, today, Wednesday. Fourteen of the 15 members of the Sabetha fire company turned out to fight the blaze, which was beyond control before they had time to play a hose on it. The roof of the house fell in with a crash just as the fire truck turned the sixth street corner.

Newest item to be rationed, or perhaps limited would be a better expression, is shoes. The news came by radio Sunday, with no preliminary announcement to give hoarders time to stock up. Each ration book holder will be entitled to three pairs of shoes per year. However, books can be used within a family as desired, allowing some members more than three pairs if others get along on less.

50 Years ago

Thursday, February 8, 1968

Confidence men, working swiftly and smoothly, talked two Richardson county women out of $3,930 in cash Saturday morning. Briefly, they promised to get the women their money back for unsatisfactory termite protection jobs done during the past year. As far as Sheriff L. D. Camblin and Police Chief Blaine Sailors know now, no others were defrauded by the scheme, at least not in Falls City. The banks here told the sheriff that no other large sums had been withdrawn Saturday under similar circumstances.

Supt. J. A. Cleavinger announced this week that Sabetha Unified District 441 has received notification that it has been approved for allocation of funds under the Title I program of the federal government ESEA. The amount to be received is $57,165.00. This compares with the request of $57,936.50, which was what was received last year. The ESEA is the elementary secondary education act of 1965.

Anne Haflick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ival Haflick of Sabetha will give a demonstration, “The Baker’s Man-How to Shape A Loaf of Bread.” on the Grace Crawford Show on KFEQ-TV, Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 13, at three thirty.

The Sabetha Country Club has announced plans for a February dance on Saturday, Feb. 17. The dance will feature music by Gene Hartman and his Band. Admission is $3.75 per couple and the dance is open to members and their guests. Persons interested should contact Bill Leman, Dick Foster or Melvin Mowder.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, February 10, 1993

Local officials and business people will try again next week to convince state officials to make the Bern-Sabetha Road part of the Kansas highway system. Jim Brownlee, Nemaha County commissioner, said a drive over the road and other activities are planned for Wednesday, Feb. 17, for local representatives and state officials. Officials of the Kansas Highway Advisory Commission and Kansas Department of Transportation have been invited for the day, as well as legislators.

Trial has been scheduled for May 10-14 for James Lanham, 32, Elwood, in connection with an alleged fraudulent home repair incident in Sabetha. Lanham pleaded not guilty to two counts of felony theft, and waived his formal arraignment on Feb. 3, according to a district court clerk’s office spokeswoman. A district court judge set aside the matter for a jury trial following Lanham’s appearance. His bond was continued at $25,000 and he remains in the Nemaha County Jail in Seneca.

If Indian gaming is approved by the Kansas Legislature, the likelihood of economic impact on Sabetha is probable, but only for a short time, city officials believe. The main impact on the town would be during the construction of the two casinos in the area, as well as the complimentary businesses to those operations, city administrator Ted Hayden said. Although the estimated time for construction of the Kickapoo Nation casino south of Hiawatha is four and one-half months, and the Iowa tribe casino near White Cloud six and one-half months, there probably would be some related building activity for about two years, Hayden estimated.

An electrical short in the attic caused a fire Feb. 5 at the Jerry Sullivan home just west of Sabetha. The short caused insulation to start smoldering, said Sabetha Fire Chief Don Strahm. Minimal damage occurred, with a joist and a small piece of plywood burned in the fire that was reported at 10:10 p.m. There was minimal smoke damage and no water damage, Strahm said.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Sabetha High School student body’s selection for Queen and King of Hearts, at right, are (L-R) Kyra Edelman and Christian Busch. The Kind and Queen are crowned during halftime of the boys’ basketball game versus the Mount Academy-Maur Hill Ravens. The crown bearers, pictured below, are Sabetha Elementary School kindergartners (L-R) Jake Longabaugh and Payton Michael. The royalty court also includes Erica Wysong, Michelle Lierz, Bryan Sperfslage and Quentin Edelman. The theme for the game is “Red Out.” The Bluejays girls’ and boys’ varsity and junior varsity teams swept the Ravens with four wins.

This 1995 Ford Explorer driven by Dennis Mortorff of Sabetha collided with a passing train west of Morrill Monday, Feb. 4, according to Brown County Undersheriff Randy Linck. The driver attempted to go around the lowered arms of the train crossing when the collision occurred.

As reported in the Jan. 30 issue of The Sabetha Herald, a late-evening house fire in Oneida on Monday, Jan. 21, claimed one life. According to Nemaha County Sheriff Rich Vernon, the victim of the fire at 8506 5th Street in Oneida is believed to be the owner of the residence., James Rhodes, who had resided in the house for several years prior to the fire. Human remains were found in a back room of the house after the fire was extinguished

The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) has awarded Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Grants to 14 Kansas community partnership, including United 4 Youth in Nemaha County to support efforts to prevent and reduce underage drinking. These grants allow the state to partner with local communities to achieve a shared goal of reducing underage drinking by building a solid foundation for service delivery that will benefit no only the current generation but also future generations of Kansas” said SRS Secretary Don Jordan.

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