SHS students to host fundraising concert to help Houston area

Submitted by Cody Meyer, Director of Communications for NEKS Helps Houston

Northeast Kansas Helps Houston is a small local charity recently started by three Sabetha High School students — Sofia Kuenzi, Rachel Kuenzi and Cody Meyer. We are hosting a concert and we need your help. We are seeking performers to participate in the concert, which will be held at NorthRidge Church on Saturday, March 10.

About the Project

Northeast Kansas (NEKS) Helps Houston is a small project focused on helping Houston, Texas, recover from Hurricane Harvey.

This project was started as an assignment for an English II class. The assignment is called Genius Hour. Each student takes something that they are passionate about and learns as much as they can about that subject. Then they give a presentation to the class at the end of the established project work time.

This was assigned shortly after landfall of Hurricane Harvey, and the founders decided that because of their passion for service, that this would be a great way to serve nationally and complete the assignment. The founders put together their love of music, travel and service to create a way to financially help the Houston area.

We focus on financial aid to struggling communities using the knowledge of a local Houston church. This project involves several finance builders in the Northeast Kansas area, and will include a short-term trip by the founders to Houston to deliver the finances. We believe that this project will be more meaningful to the Houston area because of the delayed aid system.

The delayed aid system is a system that has several finance-building events over the course of several months with a delivery of the aid after the media discussion and awareness of the disaster has died down. This system works well, because when the disaster is in the headlines, much aid is provided.

When the headlines disappear, so does the aid. But the recovery efforts last much longer than the news headlines do, and because of this the later steps in the recovery process do not receive aid. The delayed aid system delivers the aid later, helping to fund these later recovery efforts.

About the Concert

The concert is the largest fundraiser to help struggling Houston families get back on their feet after Hurricane Harvey. Admission to the concert is free will donation. This concert will be a family friendly event. All are welcome.

This concert will feature Brail Watson, a Christian artist from Topeka. Opening the show will be a variety of local acts. We have many spots open in this part of the concert and are looking for people to fill them. To sign up, visit There is no entry fee for concert participants.

The finances raised will be put to use through the Second Baptist Church of Houston. It was decided that using a local church would be the best way to make sure that every dollar of the aid is used to help struggling families rebuild and recover. Second Baptist was recommended to us by some lifelong Houston citizens with whom our community has connections.

If you are unable to attend, a donation option is available on the website to support this cause. If you are interested in helping in any way or would like more information, visit our website at or email us at


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