Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to Representative Randy Garber

Dear Editor,

Someone needs to awaken Randy Garber, Kansas House Member District No. 62 and representative from Sabetha, and tell him that while he has been rewriting the history of the past seven years in Kansas in his local news submissions, the rest of us have been living the disaster known as the “Brownback Experiment.” We are trying to forget the nightmare that we have had forced on programs in Kansas and on us.

The 2018 Legislature has been in session for six weeks, and he has not named one issue or event that has occurred with the resignation of the Governor, the seating of Jeff Colyer, the proposed fixes for the Supreme Court’s opinion on school finance, financial help and care for Medicaid patients, nor the replacement of borrowed funds from the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System and the Kansas Department of Transportation.

We do not need his three weeks’ and his yet-to-come PROMISED rhetoric about the past. He sounds as if he is another Donald Trump who cannot let go of the past and is yet to participate in the present. Garber’s time would be better served by reading, examining, sharing and reasoning current legislative proposals. He does not share his personal opinions on upcoming legislation with interested constituents, nor does he actively ask the public for their visions or answer questions that are posed to him through his office.

How appropriately we could be represented if we could actually have a legislator living and recognizing the social and economic environment of 2018 and communicating current issues that are being considered at the Capitol in an atmosphere of transparency, fairness, and equality as compromise, civility, and cooperation prevail to put the Sunflower State on a path to be a source of pride, instead of a laughing stock where people attempt to run a man’s dog in our elections.

I encourage the editor of this paper to print current reports from the Capitol of impending legislature and how our Mr. Garber intends or has voted on these subjects.

JoLene Rae Bloom

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