Former players return for third season, informational meeting scheduled for potential host homes

There will be at least 15 new but familiar faces around Sabetha this summer as the Sabetha Lobos will be returning for their third season, which will run from Monday, May 28, until the middle of July.

While the team is preparing for a new season, the most important box that needs checked is finding host homes for the players.

Host homes

According to Sabetha Lobos Head Coach Harvey Peña, there will be 28 players this year on the Lobos team and they are looking for 14 host homes to house them. If you are considering hosting a player(s) during the season, below are some things to consider.

Housing Considerations

Host homes will need to provide housing from Friday, May 25, until Wednesday, July 25.

Host homes will need to provide basic housing needs such as a place to shower, sleep and kitchen access to make food, and also laundry access if possible.

The families do not need to cook or clean for the players unless they want to.

All players are enrolled in a collegiate baseball program and speak English.

Host families should be aware that most players may not have driver’s licenses. Hosts are not required to give the players rides, but can if they want.

The organization would like to keep the players in Sabetha, since most do not have transportation.

There can be multiple players in a household.

We will randomly pick where players go based on the space available at the host homes. College teammates or players with family members on the team will be kept together if possible.

If host families are going to be gone on the weekends, the Lobos can put the players in a hotel while the host family is gone if needed.

If a family/player situation does not work out, they will try to place that player with another family as long as the issue wasn’t related to any bad behavior.

2018 Season Rules/Changes

Peña said he realizes there have been problems with players and their host homes in the past, and certain changes will be implemented this year in order to hold the players to higher standards throughout their stay in Sabetha.

“This year, no players can be a part of the team unless they have a flight ticket home before July 25, or they have to sign a contract saying they will move out by July 25,” Peña said.

In addition to the contract and flight ticket home, the players will be expected to follow multiple rules. Some of the rules include no drinking, no smoking, no girls, abiding by a team curfew, etc.

“My wife Sarah will be calling the host home parents weekly to make sure everything is going okay,” Peña said.

If you have any questions or would like to host a player, please contact Peña at 918-327-0200 or

Returning Players

So far, Peña has confirmed that 15 players from the 2016 and 2017 teams will be joining the team again this year.

“We have players returning from last year, and even some who played the first year but not last year, who will be coming back,” Peña said.

Returning players are: Juan Estrada, 2017 team; Enok Perez, 2017 team; David Maldonado, 2016 team; Elliot Antonetty, 2017 team; Chaz Dunn, 2016 and 2017 teams; Brandon Gonzalez, 2017 team; Eduar Brito, 2017 team; José Suero, 2017 team; Michael Colon, 2017 team; Luis Samayoa, 2017 team; Gerson Padilla, 2016 team; Drake Nilges, 2016 and 2017 teams; José Vera, 2017 team; Juan Berger, 2016 and 2017 teams, and Juan Perdomos, 2017 team.

Informational Meeting

Peña will be hosting an informational meeting for those considering hosting a player(s) at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 15, at the indoor baseball facility at Somerset Park.

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