Letter to the Editor: ‘Hillary’s America’ misrepresents Democrats

Dear Editor,

Dinesh D’Souza says, “Beware racist Democrat super-villains.”

Andrew Jackson was a “rapist,” and Woodrow Wilson, a “Klan lover.”

Are you questioning the validity of this? You should.

The Nemaha County Republican Women hosted a movie on Thursday for the public. “Hillary’s America” was written/directed by D’Souza, who gives a deceptive misrepresentation of American history and politics.

Though Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote, people continue theories about Clinton and the DNC — a purpose of this debacle. Republicans should dwell on Trump’s womanizing/adultery, businesses, taxes, inability to appoint capable individuals, prejudices, bullying, name calling — all unbecoming a leader.

As an educator, I had a code: consider the source, read “between the lines,” evaluate intent, research the truthfulness, and don’t adopt another’s viewpoint without these. Otherwise, a person might be duped to become fool.

Who is D’Souza? He is an Indian-born, American-educated, convicted felon who received time, community service, and a $30,000 fine for a campaign–finance violation for attaining straw donors. He did not kill, rather, he sleazily maimed and obliterated our country’s defended heritage and Democratic principles.

He suggests Barack Obama caused the Orlando massacre. Carrying racial and gay panics, D’Souza seeks a cell mate for the “facts” of Democrats and American history: Democrats are racists making inner-city African–Americans poor; “the only REAL Americans are Republicans” — with only a picture of Reagan to certify that “fact.”

Blogger Peter Sobczynski wrote “‘Hillary’s America’ may well be the single dumbest documentary… nearly two hours of poisonous bluster and anti-historical rhetoric… like the desperate ravings of someone… trying to rehash the same nonsense before his gravy train finally leaves town.”

D’Souza’s creations are compared to 1970s Sunn Classics “cons” that promised answers to Noah’s Ark and the Bermuda Triangle. Thinkers realize that D’Souza gives no proof, only clumsy reenactments, dubious experts’ testimonies, and wild speculations.

D’Souza faults Hillary Clinton’s failing in Benghazi because she’d have no monetary gain. Yet, he is selling his “trumped” up garbage for Americans to ingest.

He encourages viewers to vote — unfortunately he, as a felon, cannot.

Voters, consider the source, feasibility, and logic of candidates, endorsements, and media. Education is our strength. May we use critical thinking and civility for liberty and justice to all.

JoLene Rae Bloom

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  • David kellenberger Reply

    March 12, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Well, I haven’t seen the movie so can’t comment on it’s verity. But it is likely at least as honest as the news the author likely watches. Since the movie wasn’t about President Trump but the writer threw in many typical left wing disparagements, we should do as she suggests and consider the source and intent which by her own logic should lead us to dismiss her whole argument.

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