Wild Times – Part Three: stun gun or taser, which is it?

Well, we now have a pretty good handle on what a stun gun is and what it is capable of doing for someone in need of repelling an attacker. I have to admit that I was ignorant of the advantages of stun guns. I really thought they were of not much use in the act of defending oneself, but now that I have done a little research and read about what they are designed to do I would definitely be in favor of my wife carrying one in her purse.

Before we go any further, I must stress that a stun gun is not a tool that is just for women to use! A stun gun is a tool that anyone can carry, even all you tough guys out there! There are a lot of places that a firearm is not allowed to be carried into, so a small stun gun could be substituted if it is legal in your state.

As we saw last week, the stun gun is only good for close-up contact with an assailant. Now, I feel that I am fairly safe in making this assumption, but most people don’t really want or desire close-up contact with an assailant. They would just as soon ward off the attacker from a distance. This is where the taser would come into play.

As I was informed by a reader who is a specialist in this field, a taser is actually a form of a stun gun. The difference between the taser and the stun gun is that the taser can be fired at the assailant from a distance. The taser fires projectiles that can reach out between 15 and 30 feet. Now we are talking!

The taser fires probes which are connected to the unit via wires. These probes are spear shaped and will actually penetrate clothing and skin. This is no toy — this is a serious self-defense weapon.

The probes cover a small area and when the probes penetrate the skin the voltage from each probe emit shock to the area and the circuit is completed, thus a substantial jolt of voltage is produced. I talked with a former law enforcement officer about stun guns and tasers, and he said it is legal in Kansas to carry a taser. He was trying to locate the statute that stated such but had not found it as this was going to press.

The taser that is available to the civilian population is not as powerful as the tasers used by law enforcement. The law enforcement tasers have the longer range of 30 feet, but most tasers available to be bought by consumers have a range of 15 feet.

So what happens when someone gets shocked with a taser? The electricity floods your brain and overrides the neurons that your brain produces which makes the muscles contract uncontrollably. This causes the recipient of the shock to drop to the ground and stiffen up while shaking. Sounds effective to me.

Now we have looked at two options that are available to us. As I was talking to the former law enforcement officer, he stressed to me that I need to mention that whatever a person chooses to use, it has to be available for quick retrieval. You have to be able to grab your choice of weapon at a moment’s notice and it does not matter if it is a firearm, stun gun, or taser.

So we have a choice of two weapons that are effective at a distance — a firearm and taser — and one that is effective for up close action — the stun gun. All are effective, and all are proven but there are a few other options such as pepper spray or a tactical knife that work also.

The bottom line is that, unfortunately, we now need to take such precautions when we leave the safety of our homes. I know I sound like some kind of alarmist, but the facts are all out there for anyone to see. Our world has changed dramatically in the last few years. It is not the safe environment it should be, so we must be prepared. Don’t send your loved ones out there unprepared. Don’t be a victim!

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Tim Kellenberger serves as Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for The Sabetha Herald since 2004. He specializes in sports reporting and column writing, as well as sports photography. Tim is a Grace University graduate with a dual degree in agricultural economics and human resource management. He lives in rural Sabetha with his wife and has four grown children and two grandchildren.


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