4-H Club News: Fairview Willing Workers

Submitted by Jake Rieger Club Reporter

The Fairview Willing Workers 4-H Club met on Sunday, March 11, for their monthly meeting.

The members met at the Fairview Community Building. Members gathered a little early to finalize plans for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. It will take place at the Fairview Park on Friday, March 30.

There were 11 members present and the theme for this month’s meeting was “Parents Lead the Meeting” and “Wear Green and win a Prize.” The parents acted as leaders for each child’s office. I must say the parents did a great job! Several of members also wore green and enjoyed the prizes.

The meeting was full of great information. We congratulated the club for winning Top Blue ribbon at County Club Day for song. The club will compete on Saturday, March 18, at Regional Club Day in Atchison. Also, Megan Brockhoff got a blue ribbon for her trumpet solo.

Other items discussed were Beef weigh-in, Sheep/Swine/goat weight-in, Better Beef Days, and the upcoming Spotlight Auction. The club voted to donate money to the Fair Board for replacing the Hog Barn roof in Horton. We also discussed purchasing some new 4-H club signs to be put on the highway on each end of Fairview.

After the meeting, we were fortunate to have some great project talks. Flint Lowdermilk gave a great talk that included pictures of his last year’s bucket calf. Jake Rieger presented some information about “Ground Beef,” stating its the most economical and popular meat eaten by Americans. Avery Baumgartner presented a program about “Germs” demonstrating how to properly wash your hands and demonstrating the results with a black light.

To top off the meeting, Hunter Lowdermilk discussed “Animal Rumen” and told the club how digestion works and how nutrients are broken down and absorbed. She had a live demonstration awaiting outside. She had a cow stomach in which we could visualize and touch. She showed us the four stomachs and how the food in each stomach looked like.

The meeting was concluded by refreshments and visiting!

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