Wetmore junior class takes trip to Mabee Library

Submitted by Alena Pfrang, WHS Student Correspondent

Last Thursday, March 13, the Wetmore junior class left at 9 a.m. to take a bus down to Washburn University’s Mabee Library. The purpose of the trip was to obtain written and electronic resources for their English class term papers.

“The staff at the library was incredibly helpful and very friendly,” said English teacher Linda Boyd.

Although the class is small, there were a variety of topics chosen for the term papers. The subjects range from jazz theory to exorcism.

Seth Shumaker is excited about his topic.

“Jazz is the most extensive musical topic there is,” he said. “No one understands the amount of work and knowledge that goes into jazz.”

Some students decided to take a historical approach by researching Abraham Lincoln’s role in the Civil War, as well as the dark side of Thomas Edison. Lauryn Scott is investigating questionable tactics of the CIA, while Cole Strathman is writing about gun control.

Some of the students found plenty of great books to use as resources, while others didn’t have as much luck and were forced to change their subjects.

One such case was Curtis Bloom having to change his subject to Abraham Lincoln due to the lack of resources associated with heart defects in children. The whole process was both exciting and frustrating, as students felt they didn’t have enough time in the library.

Finally, after a long and tiresome day, the junior class headed back to Wetmore to begin their real work – researching and writing their papers.

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