Letter to the Editor: Reader questions President’s behavior

Dear Editor,

Imagine a child on the playground who bullies his classmates, who lies, who makes up names to belittle or publicly humiliate them, who throws temper tantrums, or attacks anyone who criticizes him. What would you call a child like this?

Now imagine a politician like this:

• Attacked an honorable war hero, while having dodged the draft himself, even while this hero is battling cancer.

• Attacked a Gold Star family, a war widow.

• Called Mexicans rapists, murderers, wanting to ban all Muslims.

• Given tacit support of white nationalists carrying torches.

• Bragged about “grabbing women.”

• Having affairs with women while married to his three wives.

• Having an affair with a porn star, three months after his current wife gave birth.

• Refusing to reveal his tax returns…why?

• Flip flopping on so many issues you can’t keep track!

• Attacking the press, the FBI, the Justice Department, judges, senators, his Attorney General, even Alec Baldwin… But not a word against Mr. Putin. Why?

• Denying the truth of Russian interference with our elections. Why?

• Failing to prepare a vigorous defense against the ongoing Russian cyber attack on our country.

In July 2017, Congress overwhelmingly passed the law “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.” Senate vote: 98-2 House vote 517-5. The President reluctantly signed the law in August. The deadline for enforcement was the end of January. What has the President done? In seven months, nothing.

Failing to stand up to Putin and the Russians, even when Robert Mueller provides evidence and indictments, even when all four national security agencies warned nothing is being done on the Federal level to prepare to defend our country against the ongoing cyber efforts to divide our people, and interfere with our elections. Why? He turns back to the past and blames Obama for not doing enough. The question is, why isn’t the president doing anything now? It is now your job to protect us from this foreign attack.

Has he accomplished positive benefits for our country? In the view of his supporters, yes. I believe the voters who did choose this politician are sincere in their choice and their support. I respect their choice. I know too, that I am sincere in my objections and the choices I will make. Being able to do so with mutual respect is what truly makes America great.

Judy Glynn, Axtell

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