Letter to the Editor: Reader says Morrill City Council rejects ‘tiny homes’

Dear Editor,

I find it hard to believe that a town as small as Morrill would reject the use of “tiny homes” and require that a single, disabled man instead construct a dwelling not less than 1,780 square feet, according to a code that has yet to be approved and published.

These tiny homes are showing up in large cities, being used to house homeless, the disabled and vets and are gaining popularity due to the savings in downsizing. Instead the city is inventing “special” documentation to “allow” for delivery with the stipulation that it cannot be hooked to all utilities.

This same city has had and ignored knowledge of several federal and state laws being broken withing the city during a “midnight” operation and denies any ownership of the property involved. Fairness is clearly not on the agenda of the present council.

Keep in mind, codes in large cities are allowing these tiny homes in increasing numbers and welcome the financial gain they may bring.

Ronnie Davis

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