Local man offers fishing guide services

Benji Stoller holds up a 35-pound Milford Lake blue catfish caught during the summer of 2017. His personal best is 53 pounds, but fish in the 20- to 40-pound range are very common.

Benji Stoller grew up hunting, fishing and trapping in rural Kansas. Over the years, his hobby became a passion and — as many would say — an obsession.

“I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and I would not change growing up in a small town for anything,” Stoller said.

Stoller graduated from Sabetha High School in 2012, and will complete his bachelor’s degree in wildlife outdoor enterprise management from Kansas State University this May.

During the fall of 2016, Stoller worked at an outfitting business near Pittsburg, Kan., as a guide for whitetail deer and turkey. During the fall of 2017, he spent his time working for Seven J Outfitters in Wyoming, an experience in which he “thoroughly enjoyed the big country and new experience.”

Since that time, Stoller has started his own business — Cross Creek Outdoors. Currently, Stoller is offering guided fishing for trophy blue catfish at Milford Lake, near Junction City.

“Milford is the largest lake in Kansas and has a very healthy population of blue catfish,” Stoller said. “The lake record is currently 83 pounds, and I’m guessing there are fish weighing close to 100 pounds in that body of water.”

Stoller has placed in multiple tournaments over the years, but also enjoys the relaxation that a day on the water brings without any competition.

“As the water warms throughout the spring, anchor fishing is common as the fish are stacked together on mud flats,” Stoller said. “Once the fish start to scatter, a drifting technique is used to cover ground and catch these catfish.”

A guided trip is a great way to experience a fun day of fishing, while also learning about techniques and about the lake itself.

“Whether you are interested in learning techniques and how to fish a larger lake, or simply a fun day out on the water with the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime, I have no doubt you will enjoy your time spent on the boat.”

Fishing trips can be booked as either half day or full day, Stoller said. Clients can even request to have Stoller clean and bag the day’s catch for clients to take home. Anyone interested in learning more or booking a trip can contact Stoller at 785-285-1123.

For more information on Cross Creek Outdoors, follow the page on Facebook for weekly updates and catch pictures.


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