SHS students to present ‘Chateau La Roach’

Sabetha High School students rehearse for their upcoming play, “Chateau La Roach” to be held on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14. Pictured are Ainsley Smith, Charlie Kuenzi, Rachel Kuenzi, Kesair Brubeck, Cheyan Rokey (partially hidden) and Samantha Edwards.

Submitted by Debbie Garber

Students at Sabetha High School will be presenting “Chateau La Roach” by Lauren Wilson for their spring play.

Public showtimes are at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14. All performances will be held in the Sabetha Middle School auditorium. Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for adults.

Sabetha High School students rehearse for their upcoming play, “Chateau La Roach” to be held on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14. Pictured are Norea Menold, Seth Burdick, Ainsley Smith, Anna Scott, Charlie Kuenzi, Kesair Brubeck, Rachel Kuenzi (partially hidden), Cheyan Rokey and Samantha Edwards.


Come to the beautiful Château Laroche for a weekend get-away, where you’ll be greeted by a friendly host of…  cockroaches! Crawling with slapstick humor and circus-like stage action, this award-winning comic farce will take you through a weekend in the lives of François and Mimi Laroche, the French proprietors of the château on the shores of a peaceful American lake. The owners are horrified to discover the enormity of their cockroach problem as they prepare for a big weekend of visitors.

Why do the cockroaches have to appear just when they’re trying to make a good impression on a famed travel writer? On top of that, they’ve learned the health inspector is making a surprise visit — disguised as a typical guest! Could the inspector be one of the young honeymooners? The wealthy widow or her hypnotist? The British bicyclist? The manager of a bratty child star? François launches an all-out war on the creepy-crawly creatures as the disgruntled staff members struggle to hide the pesky problem from the hotel guests.

Even with the help of a zealous exterminator, Roskel T. Goomey, the roaches quickly and hysterically adapt to the chemical assault and begin to grow bigger, while the supposed health inspector hallucinates after mistakenly using the toxic bug powder on his spaghetti, thinking it was Parmesan cheese! What price will humans pay to try to control nature!


Cast members include the following: Mimi Laroach (Samantha Edwards), Francois Laroach (Henry Glynn), Robin (Seth Burdick), Paolo (Charlie Kuenzi), Happy (Payton Lippert), Elsie (Anna Scott), Gina (Norea Menold), Roskel Goomey (Kyle Grimm), Josie Nackerly (Rachel Kuenzi), Jip Nackerly (Cody Meyer), Enira De Can (Kesair Brubeck), Madame Zillinda (Ainsley Smith), Nigel Havic (Denver Menold), Lola St. Brittania (Cheyan Rokey), Ronnie Zircon (Keenan Lippert), Hanula Bing (Kinsey Menold), Liza Bethingel (Hunter Lowdermilk), Frank (James Stone), Lodge Ladies (Jadyn Graybill, Alissa Dalinghaus and Sofia Kuenzi) and Ronnie Fan Club (Deborah Edelman, Leah Renyer, Ellen Glynn, Kayla Devore and Irish Rokey.)

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