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125 Years ago

Friday, April 21, 1893

A Horton man who never had a bank account recently purchased a farm for $2,800 in cash. And he surprised the man of whom he purchased it by going into the cellar and producing an old sea chest full of silver dollars, halves and quarters. This probably accounts for the scarcity of change in Horton for the past few years. The other man had to hire a dray to haul his money away.

At the last meeting of the outgoing city officers held last Tuesday the new council took the oath of office and the new appointments were made. D. D. Doolittle was appointed clerk, Roy Hesseltine treasurer, and S. L. Lockard marshal.

Robert Robertson, who is authority usually on fruit questions, was in the office since the late frost and gave as his opinion that so far as could be seen the freeze had not injured fruit prospects.

The Brown county fair association has decided to sell the grounds and close up. This is the result of twenty-five years’ work to get the business in shape. Diminished patronage is the immediate cause of the failure.

100 Years ago

Thursday, April 18, 1918

Harold Miller sold out all the liberty bread he had on his street stand. Then he went into Gene Miller’s bakery and got a fifty-fifty division on the half a dozen leaves Gene had left.

Miss Nannie Burke painted a picture for the Red Cross. Dr. Hal Brownlee thought the picture needed a frame. He brought a real frame for $4 and the picture sold for $12.

In one week five chickens were killed by automobilists in front of the farm house of Theopholus Lanning. The year’s toll is estimated at twenty-five chickens. The Herald considers this inexcusable. The editor of The Herald has been driving a car more than two years and has never killed a chicken. Bill hit one east of Bern once. We thought it could have been avoided and paid for the chicken. It is entirely unnecessary to do this frantic driving of cars. When we see there is likely to be danger of hitting chickens we slow up and give the fowls a chance for their lives. You drivers who smash thru a flock of chickens regardless of how many you kill, should be ashamed of yourselves. There may be times when hitting chickens is unavoidable, but this far in two years we never had had such an experience. P.S. It was Number Two, not Bill, that killed the chicken: going too fast on a good road.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, April 21, 1943

A large four motored, single tailed army airplane “dragged” Sabetha’s crowded Main street Saturday from a low altitude. Spectators had a thrill when the broad wings of the ship spread over the buildings on both sides of the street, and occupants inside the ship could be plainly seen. Observers were not sufficiently expert to determine whether the ship was a B-17 or a large transport of similar type. There has been much low level flying in this area recently, “Hedge hopping” is an important technique in army maneuvers and warfare.

The under-privileged children’s fund of the Sabetha Kiwanis club will realize about $250 from the auction sale held Thursday at the former Mueller harness shop building. The actual sale was held in the adjacent vacant lot. Roy Kistner cried the sale, assisted by Ed Crandall. Carlos Paulz and Max Mock were clerks, Jim Jackson, Norman Morgan and many other Kiwanians assisted in keeping the auctioneers supplied with a wide variety of articles that had been donated by business houses and homes of the community.

Pvt Leo Vermillion, who was a member of the high school band while in school sent home for his band instrument last week. He has an opportunity to join the company band at Camp Campbell, Kentucky, where he is stationed.

Twin calves were born to two Jersey cows on the L. Q. Swarner farm east of Hiawatha. One set male and female, was born on Friday night, April 16. Not to outdone, another Jersey cow gave birth to heifer and bull twins early Saturday morning, April 17. – Hiawatha World.

50 Years ago

Thursday, April 18, 1968

Around 75 high school Sociology students from Sabetha, Wetmore and Morrill went to Topeka by bus Wednesday. They spent the day as guests of the Topeka State Hospital and were given conducted tours of the facilities and programs. The busses arrived home around 5:30 in the eventing. Students took their own lunches with them and ate on the hospital grounds.

Monday afternoon, April 15, at 3:15 p.m., Theresa Cornwell, Hiawatha, was east bound on K-246 Highway two miles east of Sabetha, when she came upon a slow moving vehicle. She was unable to stop, and to avoid hitting the vehicle she swerved into the south ditch, then crossed the Norman Lanning driveway and struck a tree. The 1959 Ford she was driving received $500 damage. She was uninjured. The Kansas Highway Patrol investigated the accident. – Hiawatha World.

The Sabetha Boy Scout Troop will hold a Court of Honor on Monday, April 22. The Raven Patrol is in charge of this event. The Court of Honor is where the boys receive badges for the work they have completed in Scouting. All parents of the Scouts are urged to attend. The meeting will be held in the basement of the city hall. – Kim Summers, Scribe.

Mildred Fisher: Sapulpa, Okla., high school teacher and counselor, has been named Creek County Teacher of the Year in Oklahoma. Mildred Fisher is a former teacher in the Sabetha schools and is a sister of Mrs. John Gilbert and Miss Pauline Fisher, both of Sabetha. Selection of Miss Fisher came recently in Drumright at a meeting of the county unit of the Oklahoma Education Association.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, April 21, 1993

A late night drug raid in Wetmore last Wednesday resulted in the arrest of four males and the recovery of stolen property by state and local authorities. According to the Nemaha County Sheriff’s office, a search warrant was executed at 11:40 p.m. April 14 on information a deputy had received during a traffic stop. A Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy and the county’s drug dog, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Kansas Highway Patrol assisted the Nemaha County Sheriff’s Department in searching the residence for marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

No further investigation is expected into the cause of an April 15 fire that destroyed the contents of a two-story house northwest of Berwick, said Sabetha Fire Chief Don Strahm. Firefighters were called to the residence of Doug and Lisa Hartter at 10:18 a.m. following a report from a passerby who saw smoke. No one was home at the time of the fire and no injuries among the firemen were reported. The property, 1 1/2 miles north and 2 miles west of Berwick, is owned by Hal Strahm who lives out-of-state. The Hartters were renting the residence.

The possibility of a computerized, enhancing 911 system in Nemaha County strikes some concerns for Sabetha administrators and has prompted a more extension evaluation by county commissioners. Basic 911 service in the county will soon mark its second anniversary and emergency preparedness personnel in Sabetha have been pleased with response time and locator tactics. Sabetha City Administrator Ted Hayden and Sabetha Mayor Dave Emert attended the meeting. They both voiced concerns that the projected $100,000 cost to set up the enhanced tracking system could be better spent to improve the roads and solve some of the health care concerns in the area.

Construction of a shoe-fly around the Gregg Creek bridge is expected to begin early next week in preparation for bridge replacement and road rehabilitation on U.S. 36 highway. Construction engineer Paul Gripka of the Kansas Department of Transportation said that traffic along U.S. 36 will be routed on the shoe-fly probably by mid-May.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Following introductory remarks by a representative  of the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration, and remarks by Attorney Martin Mishler, Judge Jim Patton, Administrative Judge of the 22nd  Judicial District, left, swears in Steven Deiter as the Magistrate Judge of the 22nd Judicial District as Deiter’s mother, Louise Deiter, proudly watches after helping her son don his robe at the swearing-in ceremony Friday afternoon, April 11, at the District Court in Seneca.

Carol Kaufman, who has been selling Watkins products in the Sabetha area for approximately two years, recently purchased the building – most recently the home of the Sabetha Food Pantry – located at the southeast corner of Main and Seventh streets. Kaufman has her Watkins business established in the west room of the building, where her products are neatly displayed. She is in her office from 8:30 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

Potential bidders of the MCPL renovation project were given the opportunity on Tuesday, April 8, to get an up-close and personal inspection of the library during a walk through with the project architects, engineers and project manager. Lead architect, Hans Fischer, led a discussion of what the project would entail and some of the major details that would require special considerations by the contractors.

The Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference has released their 2007-08 Scholar-Athlete list and 28 students from Peru State College have been included on the honors roster. Among th students included on the prestigious list is Leisha Tennal of Morrill. Tennal, a 2004 Bluejay graduate, was named to the roster for both basketball and cross country.

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