Nemaha County 4-H Council 4.9.18

Submitted by Corley Becker, 4-H Council Reporter

The Nemaha County 4-H Council met at 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 9, in the Community Building in Seneca. Caleb Durland called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge. Matthew Stallbaumer conducted roll call and read the minutes from the previous meeting. Thomas Edelman gave the financial report. Corley Becker gave the Ambassador report and said they are in the works of planning their annual day camp in Seneca and Sabetha on June 6 and are going to spread the word to schools at the end of April.

Under old business, Debra Henry gave an update on the “Welcome to Nemaha County” signs and said she ordered them from JS Designs in Manhattan and they are almost done, will cost $60, and they will be ready to put up by June.

Henry continued to talk about 4-H County Club Day to get feedback. Council reps said they didn’t prefer having it at Jackson County, since Nemaha County has more participation, but overall it went smoothly. Henry also said she will look at seeing if Sts. Peter and Paul will let us hold County Club Day in their school. There are also various camps coming up, including Discovery Days, Ambassador Day Camp, Pioneer Trails 4-H Camp, and Campference, and all four have registration open.

For the last thing under old business, the food stand committee reported that Nemaha County is remodeling the kitchen in the Community Building to make it more efficient and they also said the committee needs 75 pounds of ground beef and 650 hamburger patties.

During new business, Henry said that Jackson County is on board with the Leadership Trip, but Jefferson County thought it would interfere with their exchange program. The representatives will tell their clubs that the trip will cost $500 a person and will be open to Nemaha County 4-H members, and then any other Meadowlark District 4-H members who want to go and can fill in the rest of the spots.

4-H Council is looking for community service projects throughout the year and an opportunity has come up for a 4K Cancer Community Dinner. Twenty-six cross country runners who are supporting cancer research with the University of Delaware and are running across the U.S. and are coming through Seneca and staying on the evening of Friday, July 13. They are wanting a sit-down dinner and be able to talk to the 4-Hers and Seneca community members.

Also under new business, fairgrounds/Community Building clean-up is at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 27. On that day, Edelman will be in charge of making stepping stones for the south side of the Community Building and requested that two people from each club make theirs and bring their own decorations.

The fair events committee will also be meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, June 11, before the next 4-H Council meeting. Drop/Add deadline is Tuesday, May 1, and 4-H families must go online and update their accounts. Nemaha County Spring Livestock Show will be Saturday, June 9, and Nemaha County 4-Hers will not have a cost.

After announcing that the next 4-H Council meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 11, in the Community Building, Durland adjourned the meeting.

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