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The February meeting of the Stateliners 4-H Club was called to order by Helen Krehbiel at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 26, at the Bern Community Building. Lane Mosteller and Jenny Edelman led us in the Flag salute and 4-H pledge. Edelman led us in singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

Amanda Krehbiel asked for roll call by naming a 4-H project you want to try. A. Krehbiel read the minutes of the January meeting. For a Parliamentary Procedure update, the Junior Gavel Games team showed some of what they had been practicing on for Club Day.

For communications, a letter was shared from a former Stateliners parent who donated $100 to our club, just because they were thinking about Stateliners and believe in what 4-H does for kids. A. Krehbiel said she would make sure to send a thank you note. Luke gave the Treasurer’s report and accepted the check presented earlier.

Maddy Mosteller reported that her report was submitted and published in the Seneca Courier Tribune and The Sabetha Herald. There were no committee reports. Club Leader Mary Renyer reminded the club that 4-H Club Day would be the weekend after this meeting, held at Jackson Heights and that Regional 4-H Club Day would be March 17.

During the business part of the meeting, members practiced the parliamentary problems they had been working on for Gavel Games. Things got very exciting as we worked on making motions, amending motions, calling for previous question and many other problems. Decisions were made, but A. Krehbiel had a big job keeping track of it all for the minutes!

For the program, Thomas Edelman did a talk about his deer head project. This started with hunting a deer and using his skills to make a gun rack out of the skull, which could be hung on a wall. There were many steps in the process, but it really turned out very cool!

Nathan and Jonathan Knapp did a demonstration showing the club various equipment and ways to trap animals.

Haven Knapp was in charge of recreation and led us in playing Amoeba Tag, which everyone really enjoyed, even though it was kind of hard. Refreshments were provided by the Knapp family.

A final reminder for 4-H Club Day and wishes of good luck were given. It was announced that the next meeting will be held on the fourth Monday of March at the Bern Community Building.


The March meeting of the Stateliners 4-H Club started off with Nathan Knapp playing a musical piece on his cello that we would later sing. H. Kreihbiel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Monday, March 26, at the Bern Community Building. L. Mosteller and J. Edelman led us in the Flag salute, 4-H pledge and Motto.

J. Knapp led us in singing “Hallelujah What a Savior” in honor of Easter the following weekend. A. Krehbiel called roll asking us to name a county in Kansas, beside Nemaha. A. Krehbiel read the minutes of the February meeting, which had lots of detail in all the parliamentary procedures from last month. Rachel Krehbiel gave the Parliamentary Procedure minute, showing us how to properly do Division of the Question.

There were no new communications, but A. Krehbiel sent a thank you note around for all the club members to sign from last month’s communication. L. Renyer gave the treasurer’s report. M. Mosteller reported she had not yet submitted her reports. There were no committee or project leader reports.

During the Club Leader report, M. Renyer updated us on the needs of the 4-H Council food stand and asked for volunteers from our club to serve on this county-wide committee. Thomas and Teresa Edelman volunteered.

She then congratulated the club on success from 4-H Club Day and Regional Club Day. Almost every member participated in Club Day at Jackson Heights and had great success! Club Senior Scholarships were slated for New Business. The Club Community Service committee will report soon.

For the program, J. Knapp showed us how to make an arrow using some creative ideas that he came up with, including using a cordless drill to wrap the arrow shaft with thread very quickly. M. Mosteller gave a project talk on her Satin rabbits, which she presented at Club Day. For recreation, Collin Jost led us in the game Hand Tag. Refreshments were provided by the Jost family.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 23, at the Bern Community Building.

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