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125 Years ago

Friday, May 5, 1893

The editor labors under considerable difficulty in trying to make a newsy paper, on account of not being well acquainted. It is hoped that readers will exercise forbearance for a little time, and give us a chance to improve. Any favors and assistance shown in this direction will be gratefully appreciated.

Two Syrians, from Damascus, were arrested here last Friday for peddling jewelry without license. They had money enough to pay for a license , but not enough to pay a fine, had one been imposed; so the case was comprised by Police Judge Sargent, who issued a license to cover the business already done, and let them go.

Charley Waller has sold his residence property north of the railroad  to C.C. Austin for $900 spot cash. Mr. Waller will move into the Stocking house, in the southwest part of town.

Grandma Steele was prostrated by paralysis Thursday of last week, the left side being completely paralyzed. At last accounts she was improving somewhat.

100 Years ago

Thursday, May 2, 1918

Government Calls For Wheat. – The Government has requested me to run an ad in the local paper in a last effort to have brought in for shipment all of the small amounts of wheat still left in the farmer’s hands. Regular market will be paid for these small amounts at my elevator for ten days. Bring them in. The government needs them. T. J. Pace.

At the outset of the war an English nurse in Belgium was accused of aiding a prisoner of war to escape. Germany courtmartialed her and executed her. The esteemed Marie mentioned above is merely accused of striking at the foundation of the United States government for the past fifteen months.

Jake Strahm water witched another well for the city of Sabetha this week. J. W. Leighty completed practically a dry hole for the city recently that had been water witched. The well would have made a stock well but it was hardly a drop in the bucket for the city. So another well was water witched this week.

The total subscription of the Third Liberty Loan of Morrill township is $80,000 which is $19,000 more than its double quota. Morrill was the first town in Brown County to go over the top of the sale of bonds.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, May 5, 1943

It was Charley Althouse who discovered the stolen 1941 Nash sedan that led to the arrest last week of two youths on federal charges. The boys drove the car to a point a quarter of a mile south of the Sabetha hospital. Mr. Althouse was working in the field at the Tom Althouse place on the west side of the road. The boys left the car about ten o’clock in the morning. Mr. Althouse said they left some suitcases in the car. Mr. Althouse notified Sabetha authorities, and his information and description led to the arrest of the youths by Night Marshal Lou Lancaster. Federal authorities took the boys, aged 16 and 17, into custody.

Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Bestwick of Hiawatha were visitors here Monday. They came to see the wind damage done on the farm where Robert Long lives. Saturday night several sheds were unroofed by the wind.

The first qualifying rounds in a bowling tournament for the Sabetha company were played on the company alley in the armory Monday evening. The tournament will be on a handicap basis, so that each bowler, good or poor, will have an equal opportunity to win. There will be no match play, and winners will be on a medal basis with high score being first, second, high second, etc. Prizes will be given the winners. The company bowling alley is available to guardsmen and their wives at any time.

Notice. All ball players interested in a baseball team report for practice Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the ball park. – Adv.

50 Years ago

Thursday, May 2, 1968

Union workers at the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. south of Fairview refused to cross a Western Electric picket line Tuesday and therefore, in effect, went on a sympathy strike. The underground plant was still operating Tuesday and Wednesday with around five or six supervisors attempting to man the posts and carry out the duties involved.

The commissioners have discussed the indiscriminate dumping of trash at the city dump from open vehicles. This is against city ordinances. Trash must be taken to the dump in covered vehicles to prevent having it blowing or falling out in transit. Supt. Mowder was also instructed to place rat poison out on the dump land in an effort to control rat infestation.

Bunce Palmer, superintendent of the Sabetha lake water purification plant, reports that the newly installed fluoridation equipment is working properly and is now in full use. This addition to the city water supply was approved by the Sabetha city commissioners last November after it had been requested and approved by all of the medical and dental doctors of Sabetha. However, the equipment did not arrive for installation until the early part of April.

Dave Strahm of Sabetha drove his 1963 Dodge into the rear end of a parked Cadillac Monday evening around four o’clock. The Cadillac  belongs to George Baskett of Sabetha  and was parked on the north side of the library where Mrs. Mary Baskett works as librarian. The Cadillac was knocked over the curbing and damage was estimated at around $100 to the trunk and taillights. Over $100 damage was sustained by the Strahm Dodge according to police.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, May 5, 1993

Confirmation that Nemaha County will indeed close its landfill southwest of Sabetha and construct a transfer station there came Thursday night during a special meeting of the Nemaha County Commissioners. The move was one that had been expected, a matter of economics after Brown County agreed to let Nemaha County use its landfill if a current feasibility study finds the Brown County site can be upgraded to meet the new stringent federal and state regulations.

A request for approximately $2,500 in additional funding by members and the agency’s director is under advisement by the Nemaha County Commissioners. Funding requests were also made in past weeks to commissioners in the other counties KANZA serves –Jackson, Brown and Doniphan. According to Bill Persinger, KANZA executive director, the agency is seeking a total of $167,109 from the four counties for next year’s budget. Nemaha County’s portion of the $22,688 increase is 10 percent.

Since a prolonged winter and heavier than normal spring rains have delayed several construction projects in Sabetha, crews are now working full force to catch up. John Lehman, administrator of the Apostolic Christian Home, said construction of a new 41 unit facility west of the north village experienced a four-month delay because of weather.

A Ford Ranger pick-up owned by Lee Lukert was totally destroyed by fire after it ignited about 2:30 a.m. May 1 at the Co-op card toll gas station north of Sabetha, said Sabetha Fire Chief Don Strahm. Strahm did not know the cause of the fire.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What were all those people and vehicles doing out there in fields and yards in the rural area around Sabetha over the past couple months? The employees of Polaris Explorer, a Canada-based company that provides seismic exploration subsurface mapping were searching for oil and gas pockets in four areas around Sabetha and Goff. Noble Petroleum of Wichita contracted Polaris for the project said Noble Petroleum owner Jay Ablah. Ablah said Polaris shoots 3-D seismology for oil and gas companies such as Noble Petroleum. Polaris goes out on large tracts of land specified by the client.

First grade students Payton Lippert and Sydni Bolewski really get into the mood of the music at the Sabetha Elementary School First Grade music program Thursday, April 24, at the Sabetha Middle School Auditorium.

The Wetmore High School band performed at the State Music Contest and did well receiving a 2 rating from all three judges. “I wish we could have performed later in the morning, but we had no choice in that,” said Tom Gerek, instrumental and vocal music director at Wetmore Academic Center. “I was very proud of our band. They have made giant strides this past year.” The WHS Choir received a 3 rating. We were disappointed with the rating but as a group we will learn from this experience and become a better choir because of it, Gerek said.

These young entrepreneurs (L-R) Mariah Huneke and Taryn Schuette peddle refreshing lemonade to passing pedestrians on Monday, April 23. Abby Manning, right, receives a cup. Huneke and Schuette raised $15, which they donated to the Sabetha Community Food Pantry.

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