Sabetha High School students present community improvement projects to City Commission

Submitted by Maggie Suther American Government teacher

For the last few months, American Government students at Sabetha High School have been working on their Community Improvement Projects. This project began in February with City Administrator Doug Allen, coming into the classroom and helping students choose an issue which would be within the jurisdiction of the City of Sabetha.

Next, students broke off into groups — choosing a specific improvement that they feel would benefit our community. These projects ranged from improvements to the Old Sabetha Lake to the creation of a mural at 9th and Main Streets.

Once students chose their project, they began to research what it would take in order for this to become a reality. They made phone calls, received quotes from companies and went on location to obtain the most accurate and up to date information specific to their improvement. Included in their presentations were cost estimates and breakdowns, as well as how they intended for the City to pay for their project.

Once all the information was gathered, students had to write and submit a written proposal to the commissioners by Friday, April 20. The following Wednesday, April 25, students presented their ideas before the commissioners. The commissioners followed each presentation with questions and comments. The goal of this project is for students to be able to participate and engage in the civic process at the local level of government.

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