Letter to the Editor: Standing behind Trump?

Dear Editor,

Are Christians still standing behind Trump and the GOP? Are they even watching? The Washington Post reported today (April 28) that the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, had forced the House Chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy, a Jesuit priest, to resign or be fired. He resigned. His job was to counsel members of the House and to say a prayer each morning that the House is in session. He has been including the poor in his prayers since the Tax Cut Bill debates in December. He was told to stop praying for the poor, but he refused. How does Trump and the GOP have the support of people who would tell you that they try to follow the teachings of the Bible? It was suggested recently by Kansas Representative Randy Garber (GOP) that prayer in Kansas schools would solve our education problems. We better make sure we have an approved list of prayer topics before we begin.

Kathleen Fischer

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