Brown County Commission 5.14.18

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, May 14. Members present were Chairman Steve Roberts, Keith Olsen and Dwight Kruse. Also present were County Clerk Melissa Gormley and Deputy County Clerk Dawn Boyles. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting. Roberts opened the meeting at 8:10 a.m.

Department Reports

Brown County Appraiser Tami Antoine submitted her letter of resignation, effective immediately.

Brown County Sheriff John Merchant reported there are 36 inmates – 32 males and four females – currently at the Brown County Jail.

Road and Bridge District 1 Foreman Herb Roland updated the Commission on Bridge FAS-6.

Budget Requests

Merchant presented the 2019 budget requests, with the Sheriff Office at $734,807; Sheriff Dispatch at $372,450; and Sheriff Jail at $547,448. Merchant discussed having the commissioners pay Douglas County Juvenile Housing.

Hill presented a 2019 budget request of $150,000 for the County Attorney’s Office.

Brown County Solid Waste Director Charles Brockhoff presented the 2019 budget request of $709,623 for the Solid Waste Department.

KANZA Director Virginia Freese presented the 2019 budget request of $73,710 for KANZA Mental Health.

Brown County District Court Clerk Joy Moore presented the 2019 budget request of $147,100 for the District Court.

Judge James Patton presented the 2019 budget request for Four-County District Court, at a total cost of $43,000. Brown County’s share would be $11,128.40.

Freese, John Moore, Mikaela Moore, Sheila Schwalm and Leon Wissman with the Hiawatha Foundation for Economic Development Board presented their 2019 budget request of $25,000 for Hiawatha Foundation for Economic Development (HFED).

Brown County Historical Society Board of Directors Lynn Allen, Larry Day, Gary Shear, Donna Thonen and Delores Waite presented the 2019 Historical Society budget request of $55,000.

Horton Industrial Development Committee (HIDC) was not present to request the 2019 budget. A letter of request in the amount of $26,000 for HDIC was submitted.

Conservation District Board Members Jeff Compton, Mathew Elliott, Matt Sprick and Niki Tollefson presented the 2019 budget request of $27,500.

Kristina Romine and Chastity Schumann with the Brown County Health Department presented the 2019 budget request of $65,000.

Duke Koerperich with Town and Country EMS, and Jeremy Forkenbrock with Horton EMS presented the 2019 budget requests. The total Ambulance Budget request is for $330,000 to be split equally between the two ambulance services.

Brown County Rescue Squad Director Duke Koerperich presented the 2019 budget request of $17,000 for the Rescue Squad.

Gormley presented the 2019 budget request of $25,000 for the Emergency Preparedness department.

Also at the meeting:

The May 9 payroll was approved as follows: General, $65,034.62; Road and Bridge, $12,386.63; Election, $1,665.77; Technology, $523.69; Appraiser, $7,140.03; Noxious Weed, $1,866.63; ACC, $200.33; JJA Core, $6,884.36; Reinvestment Grant, $1,686.91; Services for Elderly, $2,613 Solid Waste, $2,549.50; Special MVT, $2,580; Employee Benefit FICA, $7,091.99; and Employee Benefit KPERS, $8,602.76. After State Unemployment and Workers Compensation of $137.19 and Insurance of $2,698.84 were taken out, the total was $123,990.19.

The commissioners approved the May 14 minutes.

There was a discussion on a possible donation to the Humane Society. The commission would like to delay any decision until they have reviewed the 2019 Budget.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 2018-07, authorizing Brown County’s participation in Rural Opportunity Zone’s student loan repayment program.

City of Hiawatha Administrator Mike Nichols introduced new Hiawatha City Clerk Tish Simms to the commission.

Nichols discussed using the county fuel pumps for use by the City of Hiawatha. Nichols will research the current monthly usage by the city and the number of cards needed.

The commissioners appointed Curtis Clark as the Brown County Interim Appraiser.

The commissioners met on Monday, May 21. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.


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