Thank You from Sabetha Health and Wellness Organization


The Sabetha Health & Wellness Organization, Ltd. would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions toward the project.

Over $2,000,000 in pledges and contributions have been given by the following:


Anonymous Donors

Doug and Tracie Aberle

Galen and Linda Ackerman

Barb Agee

Kyle and Kelsey Allen

Rick and Kristi Allen

Yvonne and Mike Althouse

William and Kathy Batchelor

Amit Bhatteja

Catherine Saylor Boles

Peggy Brant

Ramona Breeden

Rita Buurman

Courtney Caplinger

Danny and Kaye Carpenter

Bob and Nadine Champlin

Gale and Kendra Cook

Hannah and Dustin Dettwyler

Douglas Duey

Jerry and Jann Drahota

Dwight and Vickie Edelman

Ronnie and Brandi Edelman

Marty and Erynne Elms

Rick and Debbie Frederick

Roy and Sharon Frey

Corey and Susan Futscher

Matt and Kim Garber

Darin and Kara Georg

Bill and Janie Glace

David and Kerstin Glynn

Travis and Lynn Hennigan

Wes Hill

Jan and Jon Isch

John and Darcie Jackman

Paul and Joan Kaeb

Bill and Ann Kent

Jace and Jill Kohlmeier

Marvin and Karen Kohlmeier

Scott and Christine Krebs

John and Lisa Kuenzi

Keith and Lori Lackey

Von and Jerre Lauer

Doug and Susan Leiker

Miranda Livengood

Brett and Sara Lukert

John and Bette Lukert

Leona Lukert

Steve and Linda Lukert

Terry and Dayra Menold

Myreon and Lori Menold

Virgil and Doris Meyer

Jason and Kari Meyer

Martha Moore

John and Elaine Mowder

Mark and Jennifer Nagely

Vern and Charlotte Orton

John and Patricia Pierson

Lonnie Pierson-Dunbier

David and Cindy Remmers

Dean and Chrys Remmers

Bob and Judy Rilinger

Al and Susan Roberts

Allen and Glenda Rokey

Tanya Ronnebaum

Kent and Donna Saylor

Kurt and Melissa Saylor

Harold and Shelly Schmelzle

Bob and Sherry Scoby

Gary and Leslie Scoby

Lucas and Robyn Scoby

Bill and Kathy Simpson

Nila Snyder

Daniel Stephens

Ed and Ramona Strahm

Greg and Jamie Strahm

Michael and Diane Strahm

Katie Strahm Harris

Robert and Jane Sunderland

Paul and Elizabeth Tedman

Christian and Kara Tramp

Duane and Kathie Tramp

Brian and Jennifer Voos

Scott and Crystal Wedel

Dan Wenger

LaVon and Erma Wenger

Marc and Julie Wenger

James and Linda Whittaker


Anonymous Donor

Apostolic Christian Retirement Village

Bachelor Controls

Community National Bank

Crosswind Petfoods, Inc.

Draperie Decor Interiors, Inc.

In-Town Web

MAC Farms Inc.

Sabetha Hardware Hank

SBS Insurance Agency

Schenck Process

Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.


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