4-H Club: Busy Jayhawkers 5.21.18

Audrey Herrmann demonstrates to the Busy Jayhawkers how to properly fill the pot with dirt before adding in your desired plants.

Submitted by Shayna Strahm

The regular monthly meeting of the Busy Jayhawkers 4-H club was called to order on May 21 by Club President Cheyan Rokey. The meeting was preceded by a photography project meeting led by Morgan Toedman and the food pantry collection was cereal, pancake mix and syrup. The pledge was led by Nyah Strahm and Oliver Geyer. Roll call was taken using, “What would I do with $100,” which received responses such as “buy a horse,” “put it towards college,” “buy candy” and “buy a better mother’s day gift.”

Next, Club Secretary Kortney Plattner read off the previous meetings minutes followed by club reports. Club Leader Sue Rokey talked briefly about the 4-H fair book, and where to find important resources and the fair schedule/exhibitor numbers. She also talked about concessions during the fair.

S. Rokey reminded youth 8 to 10 years of age that day camp will take place on June 6. The day camp is put on by the Ambassadors and includes snacks, games and crafts. Pioneer Trails Camp dates June 23 through 26, Discovery Days will take place May 29 through June 1.

Jeanelle Plattner talked to new members about buying a club t-shirt, and Carrie Strahm talked about entry cards and stickers for the fair. Ideas were discussed for the Ukele Memorial, as well as decided on June 25 for the club tour.

Aiden Lang started off the demonstrations with a presentation on “Camping Knots” and included classic knots such as the “square knot” and the “bowline.”

Up next, C. Rokey gave a demonstration on how to “Build a Smoothie,” which she received a blue placing on at club days. Aubrey Meyer followed with another healthy and creative demo on how to make avocado pudding. Cole Meyer gave an appropriate pre-fair talk on “Choosing a Bucket Calf” for younger members interested in getting started with livestock, and Audrey Herrmann gave a demonstration on potting flowers as well as how to care for them properly.

Lastly, Shayna Strahm gave a project talk on the visual arts and crafts. C. Rokey wrapped up the meeting by talking about the club tour and next month’s meeting on June 25. The meeting was adjourned, and recreation was provided by the Brian Plattner family.

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