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125 Years ago

Friday, June 9, 1893

The Baptist church have arranged to give a strawberry and ice cream social in the park Wednesday evening, June 14, to which the presence of all is most cordially solicited. The best of cake and the other eatables will be furnished.

A lively interest is already being manifested among the farmers in regard to our fair, many having signified their intention of making exhibits. The management will soon have a large force of men at work on the grounds and buildings. No effort will be spared to provide every convenience for exhibitors. We ought to have one of the finest agriculture displays in the West. The material is certainly at hand to make it.

Professor J. H. Hawtell of Lawrence has been engaged as principal of the Sabetha schools for the coming year. Mr. Sawtell is very highly recommended and has the appearance of an educator and a gentleman. As this is a matter of great importance we trust he will prove to be just the man wanted.

Anyone wishing to buy one of the best residence properties in Sabetha should call on or address Lahr & Neil. Will sell at a very low price in the next thirty days.

100 Years ago

Thursday, June 6, 1918

Saturday’s commission sale held by Kistner & Crandall will positively be the last this season. Roy Kistner and family leave Saturday for Chicago where Roy will attend Bethany Bible school.

Many houses in Bern were protected with tornado policies. Lee Baumgartner carried around $800. There was little trouble in making settlements Harry Guild represented a lot of losses. The agents agreed in short order on losses and departed Tuesday. August Christ representing the National Liberty company settled losses sustained by Anna Schnitzler, Jake Schober, Mrs. E. L. Bird, Ben Schutte, A. H. Nusbaum, Fred Poppe and Turner Hall. His company used to be the Germania, but being American all thru it changed to National Liberty.

I have bought heavily on summer white hats and have a great variety of modish shapes. Prices are most reasonable on this line. Get your white hat now, while the line is new and fresh. Simplicity is the keynote this season. Miss Daisy Smith. – Adv.

Mrs. Bohn would be glad if the party who picked up the horse blanket at Louie Strahm’s corner would return it to the opposite corner east. 32-1

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, June 9, 1943

A severe thunder storm that struck at Morrill Monday evening played unusual tricks at the Lou Wagner home and other places nearby. The Wagner home is across the street from the telephone office. Mr. Wagner had gone to bed, Mrs. Wagner was sitting downstairs reading. A bolt of lightning struck the window near Mr. Wagner’s bed at about nine o’clock. A perfectly round hole about six inches in diameter was knocked from the glass window pane. The remainder of the glass window was left intact but the piece that was broken out shattered into a myriad of places that showered Mr. Wagner. He was not injured or shocked but of course was badly frightened.

During the rain and electrical storm Sunday night, lightning struck and killed three horses for Joel C. Meyer, who farms a short distance northwest of Sabetha. The animals were in a pasture on the Meyer farm when killed. They were all young horses two, three and four years old. Mr. Meyers estimates his loss at $400.

Men going to Ft. Leavenworth for induction do not need to take a trunk of articles but should have enough they can get along a day or two. Handkerchiefs, bar of soap, towel, extra sox and underwear, toilet articles such as comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, are suggested by the induction center.

Nemaha county coyote bounty collections have seemed to slow down this spring but a total made Thursday shows bounty has been claimed on 315 of the pests during April and May. Many of the litters this year are small. Recent payments include Paul Koelzer, on five coyotes; L.S. Gudenkauf, two; D. Herbert Schlaegel, two; L. H. Haug, three. – Seneca Courier-Tribune

50 Years ago

Thursday, June 6, 1968

Wednesday the delegates to the American Legion Boys’ State of Kansas selected part nominees for major state offices in a primary election at their annual government in action training program on the campus of The University of Kansas. Chosen by the Nationalist Party to head their slate of candidates as governor was Ricky Kellenberger, Sabetha, while the Federalists picked Ronald Durflinger, Hutchison, as their nominee for governor of Boys’ State.

Ted Davis, owner of Davis Hardware and Appliances in Sabetha, was elected president of the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce for the 1968-69 year at the annual meeting held Tuesday night at the Sabetha Country Club. Mr. Davis succeeds Lee Flentie who has served in the office for the past year. Also elected to two year terms on the C. of C. board of directors were Dr. Virgil Brown, Leon Ball and Eugene Marti. They will join Joe Englert and George Stoller who have a year remaining on their term as directors.

The last half of the 1967 taxes are to be paid by June 20th, without penalty. The Nemaha County Treasurer’s Office does not send out statements, or notices, on the second half of the 1967 taxes and approximately 30 percent of the 1967 tax remains unpaid- Alvin Bauman, Nemaha County Treasurer.

The tractor training school for youth in Nemaha County will be held Friday, June 7, starting at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Todd Equipment Co. in Seneca. The purpose of the school is to enable farmers to hire and use youth 14-16 years legally. Providing, of course, the boys, after their 10 hours training session, can pass a written and driving test.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, June 9, 1993

A concern for stream bank erosion has led area conservationists to install the first known tree revetment in Kansas along Brown County’s Spring Creek. Representatives from several state and county organizations gathered last Thursday to witness the anchoring of cedar trees along a 200-foot stretch of bank on the A.H. money property, 2 1/2miles east of Fairview. A severe erosion problem had developed at the site with potential for undermining the nearby bridge and placing it in jeopardy.

Following much discussion and months of consideration, school board members approved a 10-year, district-wide energy management plan. The decision came at Monday night’s regular USD 441 board meeting. Representatives from Honeywell Corporation in Kansas City, Mo. have been working with District Superintendent Von Lauer and have made several proposals to board members outlining plans to improve comfort, reduce operating problems and increase efficiency at all USD 441 attendance centers.

Signing of the 1994 contract at Monday night’s city commission meeting ended 10 months of negotiations between Sabetha and Rural Fire District No. 5 trustees. As set forth in the contract, Sabetha agrees to provide fire fighting services to Rural Fire District No. 5 for an annual fee of $10,000, one third of the city’s fire department budget. In addition, a one-time payment of $15,000 will be made to the city upon its purchase of a later model fire truck.

Dear Editor: For the past several weeks, a group of enthusiastic, kind-hearted women have been planning, organizing and arranging a benefit auction for some families they care deeply about, the Herbsters, Burgers and Moravecs. My name seemed to surface more than any as an organizer for this fund-raiser, and as much as I’d love to take credit for the great idea as well as the work, I sure don’t deserve it. Debbie Moore, Pam Wenger, Jeri Kepple, Louise Stauffer and Susan Leiker deserve a heart-felt round of applause for the tremendous amount of work they put into the auction, cake walk, etc. My part was minor, but theirs was not and I am sure everyone else involved from the Lutheran Church, John, George, Roger, the Booster Club, and the list goes on and on, all felt a great sense of unity and love which bonded our community together in a worthwhile cause. Sincerely, Leslie Scoby.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get ready to welcome the Bike Across Kansas (BAK) group that is coming to Sabetha next week. Members of the BAK group will begin to arrive in Sabetha at approximately 11 a.m. Thursday, June 12. They will stay overnight at the Sabetha School Complex, and they plan to depart Sabetha at approximately 9 a.m. Friday, June 13. Members of the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce and the Sabetha community have made many preparations to accommodate the participants and their support personnel, and to ensure they have a memorable experience in Sabetha.

Thomas Thagard of Olathe, a 1998 graduate of Sabetha High School, recently received recognition for achieving service repair excellence as a General motors World Class Technician. He is the son Alan and Donna Thagard of Sabetha. Less that 2 percent of GM technicians earn the “World Class” designation. Thagard, who has earned the title of Mr. Goodwrench, received a trophy and plaque for his achievement. He works in GM’s South Central Region, which includes 254 out of GM’s total of 1,368 World Class Technicians.

Sabetha’s Legion baseballers got off to a good start by winning three of their first four games of the season. Sabetha hosted the team from Atchison Thursday, May 29, in a makeup game to kick off the new diamond season. While Sabetha lost a close one, 2-0, to Atchison, the game had some bright sports for the home team. Matt Minnis, Atchison’s pitcher, whom some consider the best hurler in the league, took the mound for the visitors.

Isaac Russell of the 13-14 Sabetha Nationals took the mound for his team Tuesday, May 27, against the Holton team and shut down the visitors by pitching a no-hitter with a final score of 3-0. The big right-hander went all seven innings for the home team hurling 108 pitches, 58 of which were strikes. Sabetha scored three runs on hits by Kyle Stallbaumer, Russell, Trevin Edelman and Luke Sunderland.

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