4-H Club: Morrill Tip-Top

Morrill Tip-Toppers participate in a team-building recreation game.

Submitted by Carly Hartter, Reporter

The Morrill Tip-Top 4-H Club met on Monday, May 21, at the Morrill Community Building. At 7 p.m., the meeting was called to order by President Kody Meyer. Nate Menold led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Tyler Menold gives a talk on chickens.

Roll call was answered by “Favorite Flower.” Birthdays for the month of May were Kate Beyer, Tyler Menold and Amber Menold. The club sang “Happy Birthday” to these 4-H members.

Secretary Kate Beyer read the minutes of last month’s meeting. Treasurer Tyler Menold gave the treasurer’s report. Reporter Carly Hartter announced that she had sent last month’s report to The Sabetha Herald. For committee reports, Kiaya Beyer reported that the May Day Committee handed out flowers for May Day.

Wanda Menold reminded 4-H members who had already volunteered to help serve at the Morrill Alumni Banquet and asked for more volunteers. Menold also asked each family to email her a banner idea for the 4-H banner within the next week. Carrie Grimm announced that she could hold a livestock meeting for anyone interested and that she would set a date for those interested.

In new business, it was discussed and decided that the club would set up flags in the Morrill Cemetery for veterans on Thursday, May 24.

Lanie Menold reads “Pinkerton, Behave” to the club.

For this month’s program, Kenzie Ploeger gave a demonstration on how to make washi tape letters. Tyler Menold gave a talk on his chickens. Lanie Menold read “Pinkerton, Behave!” to the club. Cody Meyer gave a talk on home styles.

To conclude, the club was reminded that they would set up flags on Thursday, May 24. It was also announced that on Thursday, June 7, the club would mulch trees in Morrill.

The club was reminded that each family needs to email Wanda Menold a banner idea. The meeting was adjourned, and the club recited the 4-H motto, “To make the best better.”

The club plans to meet on Monday, June 25, to work on the banner for the 4-H fair.

Kenzie Ploeger gives a demonstration on how to make washi tape letters.
Cody Meyer gives a talk on home styles.

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