MAYB Tournament is held

Submitted by Scott Burger

The 2018 Sabetha/Holton Northeast Kansas MAYB Basketball Tournament was held Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24.

Results are as follows.


Pool Play Records

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Mission Elite Black, 1-2; Sabetha Bauman, 3-0; Centralia, 2-1; Atchison Bulldogs, 2-1; Axtell, 0-3; Sabetha Keim, 1-2.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: Bruna Elite, 3-0; Hiawatha, 0-3; Nemaha County, 2-1; Holton, 1-2.

Ninth and 10th Grade: Mission Elite Gold, 3-0; Sabetha, 3-1; Marysville, 2-1; Holton, 0-3; Nemaha Central, 3-0; Hiawatha, 0-3; Axtell, 0-3.

Eleventh and 12th Grade Pool A: Kansas Raiders, 2-2; Sabetha, 4-0; Holton Alumni, 4-0; Topeka Supersonics, 1-3; Centralia, 2-2; KS AN, 1-3; Axtell, 0-4; Pool B: Maur Hill, 2-2; Mission Elite Gold, 4-0; Topeka Vikings, 4-0; Sabetha Alumni, 2-2; Holton, 2-2; Hiawatha, 1-3; Wetmore, 1-3; ACCHS, 0-4.

Tournament Results

Fifth and Sixth Grade: first, Sabetha Bauman; second, Atchison; and third, Centralia.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: first, Bruna Elite; second, Nemaha County; and third, Holton.

Ninth and 10th Grade: first, Marysville; second, Mission Elite; and third, Sabetha.

Eleventh and 12th Grade: first, Topeka Vikings; second, Holton Alumni; and third, Mission Elite.


Pool Play Records

Third and Fourth Grade: Doniphan West, 2-0; Holton, 0-2.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: KS-Manhattan Storm, 2-1; Lady Cobras, 1-2; Sabetha, 3-0; Doniphan West White, 0-3; Bruna Elite, 1-2; Doniphan West Blue, 3-1; and FIT-U, 1-2.

Eleventh and 12th Grade: Holton Blue, 2-2; Sabetha, 2-2; NEK Cyclones, 2-2; Holton White, 0-4; and Thundercats, 3-0.

Tournament Results

Seventh and Eighth Grade: first, Manhattan; second, Sabetha; and third, Doniphan West Blue.

Eleventh and 12th Grade: first, Thundercats; second, Sabetha; and third, Holton.


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