Memories: June 27, 2018

125 Years ago

Friday, June 30, 1893

Persons wanting ice cream for parties, picnics, etc., will find it to their advantage to call at the Star Bakery. Prices reasonable. None but first class materials used.

Money to Loan on Farms – I can fill all applications for money on improved farms, from $500 to any amount, at reasonable rates. Call and see me about rates. – C. T. Whittenhall.

The Horton base ball club is going to cross bats with the fair ground on the 4th. An exciting game is looked for.

This is our last issue before the 4th. Preparations for the celebration at Sabetha are practically complete, and out visitors on that day can rest assured of a good time and ample entertainment. At the park will be carried out an attractive program of oratory, music, reading, etc., and at the fair ground an equally interesting program of racing, base ball, etc. Everybody come.

100 Years ago

Thursday, June 27, 1918

A second national lottery to determine the order of the 744,865 men enrolled June 5 will be held Thursday this week. Each one of the Nemaha county boys will be assigned a draft number in this lottery, exactly the same as was done June 5, 1917.

Eight men from Sabetha shocked forty acres of wheat for George Althouse Monday night in two hours and a half. They were Doc Cashman, Platt Crawford, A. O. Ladd, Harry Lyon, Edgar Moore, Joe Stokes, Bill Felmlee and Roy Dillaplain.

Bryan Brown is in a base hospital in France according to a letter his mother received, written June 8. Bryan had been gassed but he said not to worry as he would be out by the time she received the letter. He was gassed in the big drive on the Marne. They drove the Germans back he said, but he got his while doing so.

The new county line road on the Rock Creek road will be thoroughly dragged after the first rain The Rock Creek bridge will have new sills and a new top later. It will then be in good condition. The county puts in the bridges.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, June 30, 1943

The headquarters of the Kansas Recruiting District at Kansas City has announced that George H. (Hobart) McKee was found mentally and physically qualified for Aviation Cadet Training. No information is given on when McKee might be called to active duty except that it will be some time within six months after he is 18. Men between 18 and 26 must go through their draft boards for voluntary induction to get aviation cadet training.

Applications for new “A” car gasoline books are beginning to pour into the county war price and ration office. The office received 3500 “A” books on Thursday and expected to begin sending out some Saturday or today.

Rationing- Red stamps J to N inclusive expire this Wednesday, June 30. Red stamps P became valid yesterday and stamps Q becomes valid July 4. Coffee stamp 24 expires this Wednesday. Blue Stamps K, L and M, for processed foods, continue good until July 7. Stamps N, P, and Q are good from July 1 to August 7.

A motor car crashing into a bridge abutment east of Hiawatha early Sunday morning took the lives of a young mother and her year old son and injured the husband and father, who was driving the car. The dead are Mrs. Margaret Mary Kiefer and Jerry Lee Kieffer. The injured man is Paul Kieffer. Mr. Kieffer, still dazed and shocked by the tragedy, said that something went wrong with the steering mechanism of the car, but could remember few of the details of the crash. An operation, performed in an effort to save the life of an unborn son was not successful.

50 Years ago

Thursday, June 27, 1968

Five youngsters from Sabetha either have, or will, attend a session of the special summer basketball school at KU. Already having completed the session are Steve Reid, 6-6 SHS junior-to-be and the son of Mrs. Maurine Reid, and Mike Hughes, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hughes. Now attending the camp is Drex Flott, 14-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. Elgin Flott. Next week Larry McFall, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Don McFall, and Rixey Wertenberger, 6-5 SHS senior-to-be and son or Mr. and Mrs. Kirt Wertenberger, are scheduled to attend the session.

Lori Lynn Aberle, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Aberle, was severely bitten by a dog on the Nathan Grimm farm Saturday evening. She was taken to the Sabetha hospital where it required 10 stitches to close the deep gash along the bridge of her nose. However, she is reportedly getting along well. Mr. Grimm immediately killed the dog with a gun. Since it was not known for certain whether or not the dog might have been infected with rabies, the little girl is undergoing the rabies series of inoculations.

The weather the past few days has featured unseasonably cool temperatures. For the most part skies have been cloudy but little moisture has fallen. Only about .40 of an inch of rain has been received in the past week and this was spotty. The forecast calls for a warming trend.

These three youngsters of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wenger proudly display the giant carp their father caught at the Sabetha lake Saturday morning. Left to right Julie, 10, holding a smaller carp, Mary Kay, 11, and Wayne, 8, are holding the eight and a half pound carp that took their father close to an hour to land.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, June 30, 1993

Sabetha is next in line to receive air time on WIBW Channel 13. The Topeka station has started a drive to attract attention on northeast Kansas and expects to know a taping schedule within two weeks. According to WIBW account executive Linda Honeyman, Seneca, the drive focuses on “how to make television advertising affordable to smaller businesses.”

Two Sabetha residents again appeared before the City Commission seeking answers and information about the possibility that Enviro-Tex would locate in their neighborhood. For the second time in as many weeks, Selena Brownlee and Lafe Bailey asked commissioners to be more specific about what methods of extraction the processing facility would be using. They also wanted commissioners to identify the chances of an Enviro-Tex official coming to Sabetha to field questions.

Striking a balance between nature and meeting the needs of the city’s water demands, Pony Creek Lake each day is moving closer to achieving its purpose. At present, construction on the 171-surface acre lake northeast of Sabetha is concentrated on the emergency spillway (top dressing), the single boat dock, rock guttering for storm drainage and clearing the southern-most park entrance. Pony Creek was designed as part of the Pony Creek Watershed flood control project to serve 46 percent for flood control and 54 percent for water supply to residents of Sabetha and Morrill. The construction permit was issued in February, 1992.

The library park will continue to be the setting for fresh vegetables, fruit and other food during the summers Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m. various vendors will set up their stands for the public. Here, Trent Ellert bags onions for a sale. He was helping vendor Jake Byard of Bern.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

After a long spell of wintry and wet weather conductive to construction and the pouring of concrete, a group of entrepreneurs, Sabetha Highway Developers, Inc., has made significant progress on the convenience store and fuel stop they are building along new U.S. Highway 75 at 260th Street southeast of Sabetha. The group plans a combination convenience store and fuel stop they are building along new U.S. Highway 75 at 260th Street southeast of Sabetha.

The Sabetha City Commission unanimously approved the proposed Neighborhood Revitalization Program for development of or renovation to commercial, retail and multi-family housing properties within the city limits. Both the Nemaha County and Brown County Boards of Commissioners already have said they would agree to a Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the City. The proposed plan includes five years of eligibility for a 75 percent tax rebate for development of or renovation to the specified property types that meet or exceed a $15,000 increase in appraised value. The rebate only applies to the increase in value.

Jim Struber, who has been the principal at Bern School for three years, recently tendered his resignation to the USD No. 488 Board of Education, in order to accept a position in a small 2A/large 1A school district near McPherson. Struber and his family moved to Bern in the summer of 2005. “I remember being called in a day or two after we moved to Bern,” he said. “My superintendent told me to keep an eye on the building. Later, he told me we had an injured custodian, the elementary school needed to get done and a building to get ready for the upcoming school year.”

Sabetha Police Chief Dennis L. Thompson reports that the Sabetha Police Department has some bicycles in lost and found. If you have had a bicycle lost, stolen or misplaced within the last three years, contact Chief Thompson and describe bicycle or have the serial number available.

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