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125 Years ago

Friday, July 7, 1893

A law suit last Friday between I Ferguson and John Coleman for the possession of a mowing machine, resulted in a draw, the jury being unable to agree.

A misunderstanding in regard to a business matter last Monday came near resulting in a serious encounter between a couple of our citizens.

Sabetha ball players are arranging for a number of match games to take place soon. Among others the Falls City club has been challenged, we understand.

In fitting glasses scientifically, Dr. Cullimore, of Omaha, who is to be with Dr. Reding Wednesday, July 26th, devotes especial attention, will be thoroughly equipped with his full test lens case for spectacles.

100 Years ago

Thursday, July 4, 1918

Ed Pendergrass is safely across. His folks received word this week. It is not know where the Kansas division landed, but there is a strong belief that they landed in Italy. The length of time they have been on the ocean is one reason.

The Fourth celebrating of Sabetha will be held in Horton. Everyone who can will drive down. There will be entertainment for everyone. Father Damien will speak, athletic contests will be held races, music, ball game, dance. All for the Red Cross.

W. I. Neils plate glass window was broken Sunday evening by someone who carelessly threw a piece of wood. It is said a man from Bern threw the missle. Neil has plate glass insurance.

Threshing is going on in full blast in the vicinity of Powhattan. Shingle Bartley had wheat that threshed 17 bushels to the acre and tested 62 pounds. The grain was small on account of the hot weather that came just before wheat cutting.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, July 7, 1943

Last Sunday R. L. Hart tried a new scheme on his ice business. Mr. Hart does not open his store on Sunday so in order that people who wanted ice on Sunday could get it, he left his ice house unlocked with a card above telling people to help themselves to ice and place the money for it in a box fastened to the front of the building. Monday morning when the ice house and money box were examined the ice taken out and the money placed in the box tallied. – Wetmore Spectator

Work has begun placing gravel on U.S. Highway 36 from Seneca east to the oil surfaced portion of the road two miles south of Oneida. The state advertised for bids on the surfacing three times, turned all bids down and now is doing the work itself. Nine hundred tons of gravel per mile will be spread. The work is expected to take about three weeks depending, of course, on the weather.

Members of the Sabetha Kiwanis club will make arrangements for a caravan of motor cars to go to Kansas City in the near future for the purpose of becoming Red Cross blood donors. The Kansas City blood bank uses the blood to make plazma for the purpose of treating men injured in combat. Many lives have been saved through its use.

Donald Sypherd, 22, Lincoln was arrested in Seneca Monday night for taking a car in Seneca the same evening. The car was found in town later with evidence it had been in a ditch. County Attorney Harry A. Lanning planned to file felony charges. Sypherd said he had been visiting an aunt in the Sabetha hospital.

50 Years ago

Thursday, July 4, 1968

The Farmers Elevator has been kept busy the past few days taking care of the loads of wheat that has been pouring in. This Tuesday morning the elevator reported the total so far was approaching the 100,000 bushel mark. The moisture content has been low and the test high. The farmers report an unusually high average per acre.

Last week The Herald listed some five boys who have attended, or plan on attend the Ted Owens basketball instructional camp this summer. At least three more Sabetha boys are also enrolled at one of the week long sessions including Joe Estle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eben Estle, Daryl Hartter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Hartter, and Rick Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Meyer.

The Bern correspondent sent this item concerning an unusual accident in Topeka that happened to Mike Cutshall, only son or Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cutshall. In some fashion Mike fell from a balcony three stories high in Topeka Friday evening, June 21, but because of his condition, authorities were unable to learn who to notify, so that his parents learned of his condition Saturday, about six o’clock. They went to Topeka where he was in the Stormont Vail Hospital in a serious condition with internal injuries from his fall and only bruises and abrasions on the outside.

Terry Tietjens, local music instructor, has been absent from his duties this past week and attended a string workshop at Kansas State Teachers College. The graduate workshop was directed by Shinichin Suzuki of Japan. Mr. Suzuki is world known for his violin teaching method for very small children. About 55 teachers and graduate students participated in the week-long workshop.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, July 7, 1993

Thunderstorms and a variety National Weather Service watches for moisture-related phenomena have ushered in July. As of Monday morning, severe thunderstorms and flash flood watches blanketed Nemaha County. The month has already seen at least twice its normal precipitation to date, not counting overnight moisture July 4 and 5.

Firefighters from Morrill and Sabetha units and Brown County Squad 48 responded to a Sunday night house fire at the Harold Royer residence, 1/3 mile north and 1/4 east of Sycamore Springs. Morrill Fire Chief Mike Martney said lightning was a very possible cause of the blaze that started in the roof on the east side of the two story house. They Royers were not home at the time of the fire and Martney said they are in Miami, Fla.

Work was scheduled to begin this week on replacement of a cement box culvert north of Bern. The construction, on the Humboldt Road about one-half mile south of the Nebraska state line, will mean the closing of the road for up to 10 weeks. The contract for the more than $120,000 project was awarded June 29 to Walter Brothers of Washington. Replacement of the 90-foot culvert is to be completed within 50 working days from July 6.

Small landfills will have an extra six months to meet new federal solid waste disposal regulations. That’s the word from Kansas Sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum. She has championed the cause of small communities struggling to meet new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines that were to take effect in October. The extension will not become official until late summer, but “I believe we made a convincing case that the environmentally sound choice was to allow small communities time to make thoughtful, reasoned choices about their long-range plans for handling solid waste,” the senator said.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sabetha Kiwanis Club has a new fund-raising project in the works. “It’s called Sabetha-opoly,” which is a board game for the wholesome entertainment of all ages. The game is designed to highlight Sabetha, its businesses and characteristic distinctives of the area. The game will be sold for $25 and will be available for sale by the fall of 2008. Kiwanians are already busy selling advertising spaces around the board ranging from $200 to $250, and Doug Clark, project organizer and the Kiwanis secretary-treasurer, said that more than 50 percent of the spaces have already been sold.

Garrett’s Country Mart has announced the most recent tent sale winners. Brendan Rokey (Pictured) is the proud winner of this bicycle. Not pictured Judy Georg won a grill in the Father’s Day drawing, and Kamden Brownlee won a basketball goal.

The Kansas State High School Activities Association will publish this year’s football manual with a new rule change. The rule change is a result of the complicated and unfortunate situation Sabetha faced last fall when they were eliminated from further competition when Riley County lost their game with Rock Creek in district playoffs. Sabetha, who finished the season with an 8-1 record, lost their only game of the season to Rock Creek in week seven, when the Mustangs squeaked out 15-13 victory. Sabetha defeated Nemaha Valley Thursday, October 25, to cap off the regular season. That same night Rock Creek hosted Riley County in a crucial in-district contest. To ensure a spot in the post-season, Rock Creek manipulated the state high school system by allowing Riley County to score more points against them than did Sabetha. By thus affecting the point spread, Rock Creek was able to eliminate the Bluejays from post-season play and advance in district playoffs.

Dear Editor, The spike in price of gasoline has great implications for the future of our town. Sabetha is nearly totally dependent on truckers for certain commodities, specifically food. Isn’t it ironic that we live in an area that is critically important to feeding America, but it a time of crisis, Sabetha and surrounding communities might find it nearly impossible to feed its own. The increasing price of diesel, and the economic distress it is having on independent truckers, makes the possibility of an impending food shortage a real concern. It is something we can take steps to avoid. City planners should call for something akin to a town-hall meeting soon to discuss this matter. What could be more important? – Mark Slavin, Sabetha.

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