GOVERNING BODY: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

Greg Duryea took his Oath of Office.

The Morrill City Council then met in regular session Monday, June 18, with members Dan Halstead, Robert Baumgartner, Todd Gruber, Kevin Wikle and Greg Duryea present, and Mayor Roger Price presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was present.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

The council reviewed the city code concerning building permits. It was decided to put in the newsletter what the requirements are to apply for a building permit. It was decided no action will be taken concerning the projects that have previously been done by land owners.

The council approved a building permit that has been submitted.

The council decided to get more information on several topics to put in the 2019 budget.

It was mentioned that some of the park benches, an area of sidewalk on Roxanna Street, and an area owned by the city need attention.

There have been no updates concerning a house being torn down. Wikle said he would talk to the landowner. It was mentioned that some activity has been made around an old trailer house.

It was decided to contact the city attorney to find out if the water can be shut off until a sewer problem has been repaired.

The council reviewed the delinquent account list, deciding to shut off five services if payments are not made.

It was decided to contact the fire chief to find out who is responsible for sounding the siren when a tornado warning has been issued.

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