Local students attend Grains for Hope Academy

Submitted by Carol Spangler

The Grains for Hope Academy took place Monday, June 25, through Friday, June 29, at the Sabetha Glacial Hills Resource Center.

Five Grains for Hope members and three guests participated in the activities and presentations each day. Eighteen motivational speakers addressed the attendees.

Additional opportunities throughout the five days included a guided tour of Wenger Manufacturing followed by lunch provided by Wenger Manufacturing at the Buzz Café in the Wenger Room, calls or visits to the Sabetha Food Pantry, Hartter Seed and Feed, Kids Against Hunger-Omaha, Sabetha City Hall and Printing Impressions, The Sabetha Herald, and a virtual visit to an education conference going on in Chicago.

This new facet of Grains for Hope was made available through the concerted efforts of Grains for Hope Foundation Director Carol Spangler and other interested adults. Offering a week-long opportunity for teens to hear from experts in various areas of expertise meets the Grains for Hope goal of developing leadership skills though development and planning opportunities. To provide a wide array of information for the attendees, Spangler was fortunate to seek and find wonderful adults to give of their time and talents for the Academy.

Eighteen mentors shared personal examples, practical ideas and valuable encouragement related to healthy and wholesome personal development. Along with the opportunities to talk with and learn from these outstanding adults, the Grains for Hope team members worked together to complete plans for the Grains for Hope Packaging Event scheduled for Aug. 4 at the Sabetha Main Event Center from 10 a.m. until approximately noon.

The outstanding youth grew in self-confidence and in their determination to serve others through compassion and practical application. Attendees included: Grains for Hope members Kari Edelman, Ellen Glynn, Ashlyn Menold, Kenzie Meyer and Isaac Sunderland; and welcomed guests Jessica Karns, Charlie White and Lucas White. A certificate documenting successful completion of 15 hours of civic engagement will be awarded to each member of the Grains for Hope Academy team.

Adult mentors who graciously shared their insights and experiences with the Academy team included the following:

Monday: Stephanie Sevatsen, Marcala Chadwell and Jan Steinlage — What is Good Credit, Keeping Personal Finances Safe and Private, and Good Credit Score/Responsible Driving/Insurance Rates ARE related; Lisa Suhr – via Zoom from the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE) in Chicago – Lifelong Learning, Embracing New Learning Opportunities; and Dayna Williams – Memes, Stories and Conversation, Prep for Life, Re-engineering Problems into Possibilities, and Turning Possibilities into Paths for Your Own Future.

Tuesday: Nolan Brey — Grammar and Writing Skills, Succinct Writing and Online Grammar Notes to Download, Organization and Planning to Succeed; Anna Sunderland — Conversation for Personal Success, Commitment, Trust, Flexibility, Respect, Faith, Dedication, Family and Friendships; and Lillian Brownlee — Courage! Follow Your Passion, Dreams and Ideas “…there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique…” Martha Graham, Capture and Turn your Dreams into Goals.

Wednesday: Andee Rettele — Photography and Fashion Businesswoman, Go for Your Goals, Achieve that Balance; Donnie Merchant — HR Coach and Innovator for Johnsonville Sausage, Implement Courage, Develop New Ideas, Express and Show Genuine Appreciation and Respect for Everyone; Terry Barker – Wenger Tour and Lunch, Great Roots and Great Opportunities Right Here in Sabetha.

Thursday: Billy Hatfield — It’s Okay to Make Mistakes, Recover, Plan, Participate and Achieve Your Goals; Elsie McCoy, Meet Your Dreams with a Smile, Life, Family, School, Connections, Personal Commitment, Faith, Work, Compassion and Joy; and Michaela Krebs, Assimilating into the Adult World, Priorities, Excellence, Opportunities and Success Builds Upon Success; Shane Spangler, Appreciating the Gift of Life and Faith, Writing Music, Rebuilding a 1905 Piano with New Technology and a Sledge Hammer, and The Importance of Hobbies.

Friday: Kacey Toews — Take the Risk, Meet the Challenge (even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind!), Wedding bells, Kangaroos and Exotic Animal Auctions; Jancey Halls, Kansas Soybean Commission Representative, Soybeans, Kansas Agriculture, Defeat Fear Through Conversation, Build Trust Through Understanding and Respect; and Nicole Brey — Growing in Life, From Now On, Achieving Balance and Broadening Horizons, and Individual Color Personality Inventory Test.

On behalf of the Grains for Hope 501(c)(3) non-profit Foundation and the Grains for Hope Academy participants, Spangler expresses sincere appreciation to the mentors and other adults who made the Academy successful. Additional appreciation go to the Grains for Hope Academy attendees and guests who willingly gave of their precious summer time to participate in the Academy. Everyone involved in this endeavor contributed to its success. All are appreciated.

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