Minister Speaks: Vacation

Vacations are great! Vacations are necessary! Vacations are essential for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The Lord knows that the majority of Americans work too hard and labor too strenuously. We periodically need to get away to relax and refresh ourselves! Don’t you agree?

But the spiritual realm is another story altogether. Hebrews 10:25 very succinctly encourages with these words, “Let us not give up meeting together [Church fellowship] as the manner of some are in the habit, but let us encourage one another.”

When we vacation to our parents or grandparents homes I would encourage you to attend church with them. Or, if they come to you, bring them to your church home.

Too often when people vacation they don’t fellowship with other Christians. This is sad and spiritually unhealthy.

Someone once said, “Seven days without the Lord makes one weak!” Think about that statement for a moment.

Your spiritual health is based entirely upon your regular fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ! There is absolutely no replacement for daily meeting with Jesus in prayer, and fellowship and with fellow believers in Christ.

If you have not yet taken your vacation, go ahead and do it! But do not forsake Jesus! You absolutely need Him! “Do not forsake Him!”


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