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125 Years Ago
Friday, July 21, 1893

The Courier-Democrat has discovered a small mare’s nest in the letting of contracts for building bridges in the county. From the exceedingly mild cackle we judge the Courier-Democrat doesn’t believe there is anything in it.

We publish herewith the list of accounts allowed by the county commissioners at their last meeting. The county doesn’t pay for it – we expect our readers to do that.

The Sabetha merchants have gone into an agreement to close their places of business at 8 p.m. except on Saturday evenings. The new departure took effect last Monday.

It seems to be the general opinion among farmers that the oats crops will be considerably lighter than was expected ten days ago. The rain of July 4th, followed as it was be very hot weather, seems to have caused the trouble.

100 Years Ago
Thursday, July 18, 1918

Dr. Edwin E. Slosson, editor of the New York Independent weekly magazine, said that the Kansas newspaper most quoted in the eastern periodicals and newspapers are the Emporia Gazette, the Atchison Globe and The Sabetha Herald. Some company, that!

We understand that a number of young people from this county are soon going to Grand Island, Nebraska, to attend the well known Grand Island Business College. The school has been a leader in business education for more than thirty years and cannot supply the demand for its graduates. It was the first western school to prove that positions could be guaranteed and secured graduates. 38-1

Some churches are taking Sunday collections for the Red Cross instead of the heathens. The Red Cross offering taken in at the union meeting in Powhattan Sunday morning amounted to $20.

The Powhattan farmers are not greatly hindered by the shortage of help. There were three machines working within a radius of four miles near there Thursday and a great deal of grain is being taken to the elevators.

75 Years Ago
Wednesday, July 21, 1943

The title of the U.S. Army’s air branch still is of concern to us. We understand that originally it was called the U.S. Army Air Corps. However, even prior to this country’s entry into the war this was changed to the Army Air Forces or A.A.F. We have asked a number of members of the air forces. All are pretty well agreed that the only correct official designation is “Army Air Forces,” although many members still are inclined to refer to their branch informally as the air corps.

During the April bond drive, counties surrounding Nemaha had some reports that looked high. They must have been counting pledges as well as bond sales, and perhaps bank totals in with the individual sales.

The Goff Advance reports a train on the Central Branch last week which was believed to be carrying prisoners of war. The Concordia Blade Empire bears this out with report that approximately 400 German prisoners arrived there by train from the east Thursday afternoon. Men were said to have been air-borne infantrymen, thought captured in the African campaign.

Mrs. Ernest Block announces that the Civic Theatre will have the northeast Kansas premier of the famous “Stage Door Canteen” which has been held over three weeks in Kansas City, and has the greatest aggregation of screen and stage stars ever gathered in one of perhaps a half dozen motion pictures. All the great are in it. It will be here early in August.

50 Years Ago
Thursday, July 18, 1968

Residents of Nemaha County have contributed $3,762.06 toward the fight against cancer, funds that will be used for research, education and service. It would be possible for the county to exceed the all time high if persons who were missed in the regular crusade would mail their contributions to crusade chairman Charles W. Aeschliman or leave them in any of the banks of the county.

State Fire Marshal Arthur Ramey has directed that all carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers in public buildings be removed at once. He also recommended that such extinguishers in private homes be removed.

Notice has been received from the Kansas State Department of Public Instruction that Mrs. Judy Kruse has completed courses at Kansas State University necessary for certification as School Lunch Supervisor. The course, offered jointly by K-State and the state department, allows six hours of college credit. Mrs. Kruse is employed by USD 441 as a cook as the Morrill school.

Members of the Sabetha Country Club were thrilled when their new lake was filled over night by the five inch rain Tuesday. The new body of water does much to enhance the beauty of the golf course and impounds ever two million gallons of water to provide an auxillary water supply for the grass greens. Plans are to stock the water with fish to give members another recreation outlet. The lake is located just west of the No. 7 hole and is easily visible from the entrance driveway. The excavation was done by Leroy Lawson.

25 Years Ago
Wednesday, July 21, 1993

A power outage just before noon Monday was the result of a mechanical failure on the city’s newest generator, which has become the third casualty at the Sabetha electrical generation plant. The failure of generator No. 11 followed a breakdown Saturday when a regulator faulted. In late June, a generator meltdown occurred temporarily interrupting power. Now the three newest generators – No. 9, 10 and 11 – are down.

Thanks to what has been called a near perfect belly landing, Sabetha’s Corey Futscher, 29, walked away from his airplane unhurt July 15 in Falls City, Neb. The cause of the problem that precipitated the emergency landing, as well as the extent of the damage, is still not known. The damage could be anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000, the pilot said.

The installation of Nemaha Country’s first two dry hydrants will be Wednesday, July 28. Dry hydrants are, basically pipes with standard hydrant connections, running from permanent water sources to spots easily accessible by firefighters equipment. The Glacial Hills Resource Conservation and Development Council, along with other agencies, is sponsoring the installations.

City Commissioners granted authority to close documented on the sale of land for the new Midtown rental assistant apartments during Monday night’s meeting. Bids were opened last week on the 24-unit project and the low bid of $793,100 was submitted by Walker’s Construction of St. Joseph, Mo. The bid is expected to receive approval from the Sabetha Housing Corporation this week.

10 Years Ago
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At the regular meeting of the USD No. 441 Board of Education at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 10, the Board of approved Policy JDDA-R2, which approves testing students with breathalyzers before school dances. The policy was presented for review at the June Board meeting and stems from students’ concerns.

According to word received recently by utilities officials in Kansas, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has informed municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives across Kansas that were affected by the ice storm that hit Kansas Dec. 10-11, 2007, that FEMA will not provide any funding to rebuild power distribution systems. As of Friday, July 11, the City of Sabetha had not received official word on this issue, said City Administrator Doug Allen.

A fire a Cobblestone Court Monday evening, July 7, started in the care facility’s kitchen. Though still under investigation by the State Fire Marshal, the fire is believed to have been accidental in nature, said Lori Reiger, Administrator of Cobblestone Court. The fire started at approximately 7:30 p.m., Rieger said, and the hood suppression system had activated properly and extinguished the fire by the time the Sabetha Fire Department arrived, less than five minutes after the emergency call was made.

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects who stole fireworks at the Butrick Firework stand on July 3. Information needs to be directed through the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

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