Minister Speaks: Forget the drama!

Drama. Remember when that meant a television program or a play? Years before that, a radio program? Remember when it was something you turned on, or tuned into? Now it has become an all too popular life style in which people consistently overreact or exaggerate events in their lives. They seem to live into or create “drama” rather than being entertained by it.

Social media has made drawing others into the “drama” so easy. With a click or two of the fingers, and it’s “all out there” being seen and commented upon by people known and unknown. It seems that some people enjoy posting problem after problem, with varying intense emotions. Everything is major, and our children are learning this is the expected way of living.

I have a friend who teaches Drama classes. She just held a Drama Camp. “Really, she teaches DRAMA?” Uhh, “no, not that kind of drama.” The child who asked the question knew of no other kind of drama except the “drama queen” type; constant turmoil and stress.

Life can be pretty dramatic at times, but no matter what the circumstance, we can find peace and joy in God’s Presence, if we seek it. Written in the front of my Bible, from many years ago are these words which were written by Corrie ten Boom on the wall of a Nazi prison cell in which she was held: “Get above the circumstances. That’s where Jesus waits to help and strengthen you.”

Sometimes we can’t get over it but we can get above it. It takes intentional refocusing. Remember when we used to have a focus button on our television? By turning it just a bit we could get a clearer picture. When in focus, things looked much differently.

When we focus upon Jesus in the manner of a hymn which says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful Face, and the things of this world will seem strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace.” He really does care about you and knows exactly what you are struggling with. Ask His help, then stop dwelling on and in it. Leave it with Him.

Don’t listen to gossip. If someone insults you, re-pay them with prayer. He will protect your heart and ease the pain.

“Drama doesn’t just walk into your life out of nowhere; you either create it, invite it, or associate with people that bring it.” I don’t know who made this statement, but isn’t it true? You can control the drama that surrounds you, if you choose to.

The Word of God speaks to this as well. Proverbs 26:17 – “He that passes by and meddles is like one that takes a dog by its ears.” To pick up a dog by its ears is almost a guarantee to pain and injury – and not to the dog! But oh, how easy, especially on social media, to put in our own “two cents.” And then someone else responds and then another. DRAMA!

Ephesians 4:29 says, “Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.” What a great thought and what a great way to live! Or how about Romans 12:17, “Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in a way that everyone can see that you are honorable.”

Three short and simple verses, yet they can be life changing! Think about them. Try them. This day, this particular, very day, did not just happen. “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 118:24.

He makes nothing that is not good. Choose to rejoice, no matter what! Get above the circumstances, don’t dwell in them. Leave the drama to the entertainment business.

Cheryl Mishler5 Posts

Cheryl Mishler serves as the Area Minister for Churches of the Brethren in Abilene, Topeka, and Washington, Lincoln and Carleton, Nebraska. She has served as minister for the Washington Church of the Brethren, Buckeye Church of the Brethren in Abilene and as associate pastor for the Rochester Community Church of the Brethren in Topeka. She was called to serve my home church in Sabetha, at Second and Main Streets, in 2011.


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