Brown County Fair results are released

The Brown County Fair – which ran from July 9 through 13 – is completed for 2018. The annual fair provides the opportunity for local 4-H members to show off the projects they have been working on throughout the year.

Results are as follows:

Fairview Willing Workers

Aden Grathwohl

Purple: Maintainer Heifer; Shorthorn Heifer; Shorthorn Plus; Picture Frame

Blue: Jr. Showmanship; Mason Jar Lamp; Trunk

Red: Ducks photo; Flower photo; Miley Photo; Heads Up Photo

Other: Champ Maintainer Heifer; Champ Shorthorn Plus Steer; Champ Shorthorn Heifer; Livestock Judging Cont 2nd place Jr.

Avery Baumgartner

Purple: Bead Bracelet; Paper Bowl; Turkey Roll Up; PB Dip; Apple Dumpling; Cinnamon Roll Cake; Satin Fur Rabbit

Blue: Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Market Sheep; Window; Satin Fur Rabbit(4); Inter. Showmanship Rabbit; Inter. Showmanship Rabbit

Other: Sheep rate of gain

Brody Grathwohl

Blue: Dog Bowl; Flag; Wind Sock; Showmanship Bucket Calf; Clipping Photo; Ferdinand Photo

Red: Bird House; Ducks Photo;

White: Pulling Photo

Crayton Lanter

Red: Class 6 Market Hogs

Flint Lowdermilk

Purple: Strawberry Jello Cups; Rolo Crackers

Blue: Minion Flower Pot; Box Game; Clothespin Airplane; Oreo Dirt Cake; 4th Quarter Dessert; Showmanship Bucket Calf; Class 2 Market Hogs; Pee-Wee Showmanship

Hunter Lowdermilk

Purple: Sr. Sheep Showmanship; Market Sheep; Strawberry Cookies; Garlic Rolls; Old Barbwire

Blue: Market Beef; Sr. Showmanship Beef; Class 2 Market Hogs; Senior Showmanship Swine; Wooden Clock; Stencil Sign; Coffee Cake; Honey Oat Bread; Amish White Bread; Sr. Girls Buymanship Revue; Peach Pie; Happy Bee Photo

Red: Wooden Round; Bozo Photo; Eye of the Steer Photo

Other: Food Sale -Southern Peach Pie; Livestock Judging Cont 1st Place Sr.; Reserve Champion Steer; Reserve Champ SR Swine Showman; Reserve Champ Market Hog; Champion Crossbred Steer; Sheep Sr. Reserve Champ Showman

Jacob Rieger

Purple: AOB heifer; AOB Market Beef; Market Heifer; Sr. Goat Showmanship; 12-24 Month Old Doe; Does Over 24 month (2); Pure Bred Dorset Ewe; Market Sheep (2)

Blue: Class 1 Breeding Gilts (2); Class 1 Market Hogs; Senior Showmanship Swine; 12-24 Month Old Doe; Best Three Sheep; Beef Sr. Showmanship; Sr. Sheep Showmanship

Other: Grand Champion Steer; Reserve Champ AOB Heifer; Champ Market Heifer; Best Of Three Sheep; Champion AOB Steer; Reserve Champ Market Lamb; Reserve Champ Gilt; Reserve Champ Ewe; Res. Champ Market Lamb

Joey Meyer

Blue: Perennial (2); Rabbit Education Exhibit; Paracord Bracelet; Charcoal Drawing; Acrylic Paint Pour; Shooting Sports Display

Red: Green Beans; Shoe Drawing

Kodi Miller

Purple: Pure Bred Dorset Ewe; Reese’s Peanut Butter; Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole; Angel Food Cake; Field of Stream; Kelt Photo

Blue: Cross Market Beef heavy Weight; Beef Jr Showmanship; Commercial Ewe Lamb; Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Class 2 Breeding Gilts; Class 3 Breeding Gilts; Class 4 Market Hogs; Junior Showmanship Swine; Miller Flag; Int. Boys Buymanship Revue; Jr. Place Setting; Amish Sugar Cookies; Farm Girl Photo; Old Corn Crib Photo; Edelman Crew Photo; Class 4 Market Hogs

Red: Cross Market Beef Medium Weight; Banana Muffins

Other: Food Sale -Dec. Cake Field and Stream; Foods Exhibitor Award; Reserve Champion Photo; Photography Exhibit Award; Top Home Raised Ewe

Megan Brockhoff

Blue: Horses Bowl; Dot 4-Leaf Clover; Patriotic Horse Shoe

Red: Mason Jar Lamp; Donkey in a Fence Photo;

White: Rainbow Photo; Cat in a Tree Photo; Mountains over Lake Photo

Olivia Malone

Purple: Dry Erase Frame; S’mores Cookie Cups; Crab Cupcakes

Blue: Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Make A Wish; Satin Fur Rabbit (2), Caramel Corn Pops

RaeLynn Lanter

Blue: Pee-Wee Showmanship

Red: Class 5 Market Hogs

Sadie Meyer

Blue: Rabbit Education Exhibit; Cabbage; Green Beans; Perennial (2); Shooting Sports Display

Red: Educational Poster

Tayler Bacon

Purple: Sr. Beef Showmanship; Shorthorn Plus Heifer

Blue: Shorthorn

Red: Wood Burned Steer; Hot Summer Days Photo; Ball Durham Shorthorn Photo

Other: Champ Plus Shorthorn Heifer; Champ Beef Sr. Showman; Reserve Champ Supreme Heifer; Nathan Paul Wright Award

Walker Lowdermilk

Purple: Market Lamb; Sr. Sheep Showmanship; Swing

Blue: Heavyweight Market Beef; Beef Sr. Showmanship; Class 1 Breeding Gilts; Class 3 Market Hogs; Senior Showmanship Swine;

Other: Round Robin Sr. Showman; Grand Champ Market Hog; Grand Champ Market Lamb; Champion Sr. Swine Showman; Sheep Sr. Champ Showman; Woodworking/elec purple

Morrill Tip Top

Amber Menold

Purple: Market Sheep; Maple Nut Twist; Dilly Bread; Sour Cream Cheese; Hidden Falls Photo; Best Three Sheep

Blue: Sr. Sheep Showmanship; Whoopie Pie Cake; Rhubarb Blueberry Pie; Honey Wheat Bread; Sour Cream Bread; White Bread; Prairie Dog Photo

Other: Food Sale -Maple Nut Twist, Specialty Bread Champion; Champ Spec Breads and Rolls; Food Exhibit Award 15-18

Carly Hartter

Purple: Zucchini; Beets; Onions-Yellow; Onions-White; Radish; Green Beans; Red Potatoes; Yukon Gold Potatoes; Herb; Crocheted Scarf; Dark Choc. Espresso Shortbread; Chunky Choc. Chip PB Cookies; Recipe Book; Reading Miscellaneous; Thistle Photo; American Flag Sign

Blue: Cucumbers; Jalapenos; Banana Peppers; Flower; Clock; Decorated “C” Letter; Squiggle Sunflower Cookies; Salsa; European Peasant Bread; Sneakers Love Photo; Canvas Painting; Piano Photo

Red: Gingered Carrot Cookies; Beets; Pickles; Total Solar Eclipse Photo

Other: Miscellaneous Purple Award; Plant Science Exhibit Award; Visual Arts Exhibitor Award

Cody Meyer

Purple: Sweet Peppers; Track of a Giant Photo; Cables of Brutus Photo; Sunlight of the Silo Photo; Woods Furniture; Cherry Berry Pie; Colonial Oat Bread

Blue: Jalapenos

Red: A Summer Sunset Photo; Buttery Herb Loaves

Other: Food Sale -Cherry Berry Pie; Whole Wheat Loaf Champ; Photography Top High School Exhibit; Woodworking/Elec purple

Emmie Grimm

Purple: Brome Hay; Alfalfa; Rhubarb; Pecans; Garden Notebook; Flower Edu. Notebook; Onions; Red Potatoes; Cut Flower, 3 (2); Perennial (3); Cut Perennial -3; Perinnial-3; Commercial Heifer; AOB Heifer; Jr. Meat Goat Showmanship; Old Bantams; Dual Purpose Pullets-Pen Of 3; Jr. Showmanship; Commercial Ewe Lamb (2); Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Best of 3 Sheep; 7-13 Years Old; Goat Painting; Sheep Painting; Educational Exhibit; Crochet Large Doily; Intermediate Presentation; Jr. Place Setting; Chicago Noodles; Rhubarb Salad; Pasta Salad; Apricot Pie; Educational Notebook; Cookbook; Potatoes; Herbed Dinner Rolls; French Bread; Donuts; Reading Miscellaneous; Kansas Capital Photo; Showmanship Bucket Calf; Crochet Head Warmer; Crochet Small Doily; Educational Exhibit; Jr. Construction Revue; Jr. Girls Buymanship Revue; Navy Top; Navy Crushes Velour Skirt; Ivory Lace Blouse; Girls Buymanship; Berry Jam; Pizza Mix Herbs; Cinnamon Rolls

Blue: Cabbage; Cauliflower; Gourd; Market Beef Medium Weight; Jr. Beef Showmanship; Market goat; Standard Large Fowl Young (5); Large Fowl Old Standard (B); Breeding Meat Goat; Class 2 Market Hogs; Class 3 Market Hogs (2); Junior Showmanship; Etched Glass; Individual Gift Package; Pizza Sauce; Bread and Butter Pickles; Caramel Pecan Rolls; Simple Beauty Photo; Sewing Basket; Sewing Notebook; Pea Salad; Blackberry Pie; Cherry Pie

Red: Class 4 Breeding Gilts; Pianohands Photo; Embroidered Tea Towel (2);

Other: Champ Commercial Heifer; Champion Commercial Heifer; Champion Showman Bucket Calf; Jr. Grand Champ Construc Revue; Buymanship Jr. Girl Revue; Construc Champ 10-11; Demonstration Exhibit Award; Top Exhibit Family and Cons Science; Food Exhibit Award 10-11; Food Presentation Jr. Exhibit Award; Place Setting Jr.; Livestock Judging Cont 1st Place Jr.; Miscellaneous Purple Award; Plant SC to Exhibitor Award; Poultry Champ Small Bird; Champion Rate of Gain Steer; Champion Home Raised Market Lamb; Res JR Swine Showman; Poultry Jr. Champ Showman; Poultry Dual Purpose Bird; Sheep Jr. Champ Showman; Poultry Pen of 3 Champion ; Shepherds Lead; Visual Arts Exhibitor Award

Estie Grimm

Purple: 6 Years and Under Lead

Other: Shepherds Lead

Isaac Hartter

Purple: Silo Destruction Photo; Rocketry; Robotics (2); Zucchini; Brome; Beets; Onions; Yellow Onions; White Potatoes; Red Potatoes; Jalapenos; Flower; Electric Not from Kit; Sugar Cookies with Pumpkin Dip; Monster Cookies

Blue: Basketball photo; Chandelier in Topeka Photo; Wagon Photo; Apples; Radish; Cucumbers; Green Beans; Banana Peppers, Herb, Flower; Camo Clock; Guitar Picks; Raisin Filled Sugar Cookies; Whole Wheat Bread

Red: Cat Watching Bird Photo; Red Onions; Peppers; Salsa; Green Beans; Pickles

Other: Plant Science Exhibit Award; Rocketry/Robotics Purple Award

Jake Beyer

Purple: Market Sheep; Wildlife Poster

Blue: Sr. Sheep Showmanship; Best 3 Sheep

Other: Wildlife Purple Award

Kade Menold

Purple: My Calf Photo; Fluffy Photo

Blue: Class 5 Market Hogs

Kate Beyer

Purple: Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Kate’s Recipe Book

Blue: Ukelele Photo; Applesauce Muffins; Cheesy Breadsticks

Red: Abstract Cat Painting; Cactus Flower Photo; Welding Photo; Lemon Blueberry Bread; Basic Homemade Bread

Kellen Menold

Red: Class 5 Market Hogs

Kenzie Ploeger

Purple: Washi Tape J; Junior Presentation; Jr. Place Setting; Fruit Dip; Orange Salad; Dirt Cake; Ranch Crackers; M&M Cookies; Ch. Chip Cookies; Banana Bread; Sip Cart Poster; Recipe File; Individual Gift Package; Bing Cherries

Blue: Paint Stick Flag; Turtle Candle; Wood Bunny; Angel Biscuits

Red: BBQ Meatballs

Other: Demonstration Exhibit Award; Foods Exhibit Award Up To 9 Years Old

Kiaya Beyer

Purple: Clay Heart Dish; Gray and Turquoise Skirt; Zucchini Bread; Granola; Choc. Chip Cookies; Kiaya Book

Blue: Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship; Lemon Bars

Lanie Menold

Purple: I Love Monopoly! Photo; Lily Photo

Blue: Happy String Art

Other: Grand Champion Photo

Logan Ploeger

Purple: AOB Ewe Lamb; Commercial Ewe; Market Sheep; Best 3 Sheep; Sr. Sheep Showmanship; K’nex; Amish Cinnamon Bread; Oatmeal Cookie Bars; Snickerdoodle Cookies; White Bread; Oatmeal Bread

Blue: Leather Craft; Poppy Seed Bread; Oak Leaves; Tasseling Sunset

Red: Robotics

Lucas Menold

Purple: Pillow Case; Sweat Pants; Slippers; Apricot Pie; Cinnamon Rolls; Cheesy Pesto Bread Sticks

Blue: Sweat Shirt; Light Up the Sky Photo

Red: Coca Cola Painting; Boom, Boom, Boom, Clap Photo

Other: Food Sale -Apricot Pie

Lyndsey Menold

Purple: Owl; Funfetti Cookies; Gum Drop Pillow

Blue: Jr. Girls Buymanship Revue; Skirt; Sewing Kit; Frito Snack Mix

Red: Girls Buymanship

Madison Menold

Purple: Sr. Construction Revue; Gum Drop Pillow; Skirt; Sr Place Setting; Maple Twist

Blue: Sewing Kit; Apple Pie

Red: Scrunchie Central

Other: Food Sale -Maple Twist

Nate Menold

Blue: Junior Showmanship

Red: Class 4 Market Hogs; Geometric Catfish

Norea Menold

Purple: Bullet Journal; Raspberry Tea Ring; Nutella Rolls; Iridescent Photo; Egg-Cellent Focus Photo, Sr. Construction Revue; Gum Drop Pillow

Blue: Music on the Brain; Sr Place Setting; Sailing Through Sagatuck Photo; Sr. Girls Buymanship Revue; Sewing Kit; Velveteen Cape

Red: Apple Pie; The Wurliter Photo; Girls Buymanship Prom Dress

Other: Food Sale -Nutella Rolls; Place Setting Sr.

Thadd Menold

Purple: Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship

Other: Sheep Jr. Reserve Champ Showman

Tyler Menold

Purple: Standard Large Fowl Young (4); Dual purpose Pullets-Pen of 3; Jr. Showmanship

Blue: Standard Large Fowl Young (2); Market Sheep; Jr. Sheep Showmanship


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