Memories 8.8.2018

125 Years ago
Friday, August 11, 1893

A good many grasshoppers are to be seen these days and some damage by them is reported. They are not the red-legged variety, but the large yellow variety, and do not seem to be numerous enough to do much damage except adjacent to timber. The most serious case of damage reported so far is the destruction of ten acres of millet for W. Fulton. The millet was on new ground, adjoining timber.

A horse belonging to John Aulthouse took a spin through the streets Saturday evening without a driver. It started out attached to a cart, and when captured still had some fragments of harness attached.

Subscribers to this paper who change their place of residence will confer a favor by notifying this office direct. If they intend to beat us out of back subscription it would be more manly to ‘fess up, and then there would be no misunderstanding about it.

If you want a wheat drill don’t fail to look at the Havana Press drill at Evans’. The best drill on the market.

100 Years ago
Thursday, August 8, 1918

The crazy speculation in forms nearly everything else is said to be peculiar to this country around Sabetha. We happen to be favored this season so far. Better sober down and keep your head. Speculation is dangerous at best. Few men are smart enough to play the game long and win.

Twenty-one students, four of them in military service, received degrees at the close of the summer session of the Kansas State Agriculture college. The class consisted of sixteen young women and five young men. The total enrollment in the summer session, exclusive of young men in the army taking courses, was 518, an increase of thirty-seven over the enrollment in the summer of 1917. Besides these regular students, the college has given training in mechanical work, wireless telegraphy, and other subjects to 880 drafted men. This makes a total in residence this summer of 1,398.

The home of Ed McDonald, just south of the Rock Island depot burned Saturday night. Nothing was save except the sewing machine. There was little insurance on the house not nearly enough to cover the loss. It is unknown as to how the fire started.

No Hunting Allowed. (Each name $1 cash for season) We positively forbid hunting of any kind on our farms at any time. Bert Horton. George Hook

75 Years Ago
Wednesday, August 11, 1943

We still don’t know whether it’s Air Forces of Air Corps, or maybe sometimes one, sometimes another. Just as we’ve about made up our mind that Air Forces is correct comes a General Order awarding the legion of Merit to “Carl R. Feldmann, Colonel, Air Corps.”

A Sabetha woman has a pair of nylon hose that has never been taken from the original package. She says she will put them on the day the war is won.

The government some time ago turned the improvements at Lake Nemaha, formerly under control of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Soil Conservation Corps and the Soil Conservation Service, to the Kansas forestry, fish and game commission. The state commission will offer the larger part of the buildings for sale. This will be at public auction, the afternoon of Friday, August 20, starting at 1:00 p.m.

Rist’s Home Grown Hybrids are adapted and are worth more than shipped in seed, yet they sell from $1.50 to $3.00 per bushel less than most shipped in seed. Think this over before you order Hybrid Seed corn and write for description and prices of our Hybrids. – Adv.

50 Years ago
Thursday, August 8, 1968

Wendell Smith, Sabetha High School basketball coach resigned this week from his position as coach and math instructor at SHS effective immediately. In announcing the decision through a telephone conversation with The Herald, Mr. Smith said, “ I hope that no one in Sabetha gets the wrong impression from this decision. My wife and I both liked the town, the people and the school system but we just felt this was an opportunity we could not pass by.”

Richard M. Nixon was given the nomination of the Republican party as their candidate for President of the United States early this Tuesday morning. Nixon was put “over the top” when Wisconsin gave him all of their 30 delegate votes on the first ballot to make his total rise to 680, more than the minimum 667 needed for nomination. The former vice-president of the United States under President Dwight Eisenhower was defeated by the narrowest of margins in a 1960 bid for the presidency by the late John F. Kennedy.

What has become one of the highlights of the merchandising year in Sabetha will be featured this week end. It is the annual “Dog Day,” sale featuring new, but seasonal or slow moving merchandise, that is placed on sidewalk display on Main Street of Sabetha.

At the city commissioner meeting Monday two building permit requests were approved by the commissioners. Danny Kellenberger will build a new house on his lot at the corner of 15th and Harrison streets. Gerry Howard requested a permit so that he can add two rooms into his house at 510 Parkview Drive.

25 Years ago
Wednesday, August 11, 1993

The Sabetha Housing Corporation, city officials and the Farmers Home Administration will move closer to finalizing paperwork on the Midtown rental assistance apartments this week. At 10:30 a.m. Thursday, a meeting is scheduled for the signing of affidavits, loans, transfer of deeds and other documents regarding the 24-unit complex to be located behind the Midtown Building.

Even though the Sabetha community was primarily spared from the prolonged flood damage that neighboring cities received, residents are pulling together to aid the less fortunate. A collection site was established at the National Guard Armory in Sabetha, and for two weeks donations of clothing , personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, Clorox for decontamination of water and use as a disinfectant, had been received.

District Superintendent Von Lauer is keeping his fingers crossed that the remaining construction bugs which have plagued Sabetha Middle School are gone by the start of school next week. The middle school building is marking its second year of housing sixth, seventh and eighth graders in USD 441. But as can happen with new facilities, it takes a while for problems to surface and be remedied.

With the exception of wheat, farmers in Nemaha County who managed to get their planting done early and escape extensive flood damage will most likely see an average harvest this fall. Those who were forced by wet weather to plant late will not fare as well. The wheat harvest now winding down has been poor at best. “Harvest has been less than half of last year,” said Darin Marti, manager of the Farmers Cooperative Elevator in Sabetha.

10 Years ago
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amber Teske of Fairview recently participated in the STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events at Family, Career and Community Leaders of America’s (FCCLA) 2008 National Leadership Meeting. Amber, a 2008 graduate of Sabetha High School and the daughter of Janice McCoy and Roger Teske, received a Gold medal in Career Investigation, one of 16 national STAR Events available to FCCLA students.

Sabetha Bowl has been awarded the 2007-2008 Kansas U.S. Bowling Conference (USBC) Youth Lane Bed Award for the 4-10 Lane Centers category, 850 youth bowlers per lane bed. The Kansas USBC Youth Association keeps track of the number of participants in the youth programs, explained Bob Huber, who with his wife Marcia owns Sabetha Bowl. Sabetha Bowl has been participating in youth leagues since the facility opened in mid 2006, Marcia Huber added.

National Sorghum Producers (NSP) recently elected a new nine-member Board of Directors, including sorghum producer Ken Georg of rural Sabetha. “There is not a lot of sorghum grown around here,” Georg said. “NSP does a lot a legislative work with the Farm Bill and other agriculture issues. I thought we needed more input, so I put my name in for the board.”

Some, if not most of you, will see the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics from Beijing and other places in China. It should as always be good sport, and the U.S. is poised to do well. They Chinese are apparently having a bit of a problem with it. First, they were concerned (and rightly so) about air pollution in their capitol city, so they have restricted automotive and industrial activity to try to – so to speak – clear the air.


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