Letter: Clarity

Dear Editor,

Clarity is often the cure for misunderstanding. I hope that is the case here. I recently wrote an article in the paper discussing the diversity of what we believe. I also encouraged us as believers to love one another enough to continue to speak the truth in love so that we get the important things right.

The article was to reflect the love in my heart for others and the expression of that love by presenting what we believe to be truths that will affect our eternity. When I stated the discussions that we have had over the years, it was not bashing anyone’s denomination. It was actually trying to show that NorthRidge Church does not set itself up as an arrogant, self-righteous or judgmental authority and that we love discussing and pursuing truth.

Our hearts’ desire is to have loving conversations that have their truths based on God’s Word rather than man’s authority. I believe that we are saved by God’s grace and that all people will be saved that believe in Him, regardless of their denomination. And all those who believe and trust in Christ for their salvation by grace through faith are a part of the same church that is headed by Christ himself no matter what the name or building. So we rejoice together in being part of the body of Christ.

I want to say plainly that our purpose is to reach people for Jesus, by sharing love and truth, and to equip them to effectively love God through heart faith, trust and obedience. And we desire to do that first here in this community, to the surrounding area and even to the whole world. We have no worldly desire to be anything but loving reflections of our Savior. So I ask you to forgive me for anything I communicated that would deviate from this purpose. Sincerely in Christ.

Charlie Robinson

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