Letter: Reader recounts Rock Creek Hotel stay

Dear Editor,

Wow! Things are certainly different in Sabetha nowadays.

Willa and I traveled there last Saturday and stayed at the Rock Creek Hotel. At 1:40 a.m. Sunday morning, there was a knock on our door, which we ignored. Knocking ceased awhile, then resumed. I went to the door and said “go away.” A voice said, “You don’t belong in this room.” I called 911 and reached the Sabetha police.

After a brief period of silence, knocking started again. A voice said “I need you to come out here.” I responded, “I am not coming out there.” To my astonishment, the door actually began to open. There was no safety chain. I slammed it back shut and reengaged the dead bolt lock. Quiet again.

I called the front desk to try to make some sense out of this. The clerk said the police had arrived and I had to come down to the desk. I refused and directed him to send the police to my room.

A policeman came to the room, and he also directed me to come down to the desk. The hotel clerk said he had used the hotel’s key to open the dead bolt lock to break in because “you wouldn’t come out.” At the desk, things got a bit heated, and “my” policeman said to me “if you don’t quiet down you will be coming with me.” (Thanks, officer! After Willa and I were assaulted in our room, I really appreciated your support and comfort. But, you never asked about our well-being or why I had called 911!)

It turned out the hotel had assigned another guest to our room. Here is perhaps the most amazing fact: after deciding that I did, indeed belong in the room, they assigned the other guest to another room that had been available all along. We all went back to bed about 2:45 a.m. Some of us didn’t sleep very well.

You Sabetha folks are lucky! You don’t need to spend money traveling to an amusement park somewhere. Just book a room at the Rock Creek Hotel.

P.S. As I was writing this letter just now, hotel manager Christy Sibold called me to apologize. I do appreciate her concern and I realize it is very difficult to find qualified workers these days.

Jim Steiner
Overland Park, KS

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