The good gift of learning

Because He loves us, the Lord has given us the grass in our yards, the cars we drive, the clothes on our back, and everything else in all creation, as good gifts to be treasured. And because He loves us, He has not only given us these good gifts, but He has also given us a mind and ability to understand them. To see the differences between the grasses, to understand how a car works, to learn the history of ours and other civilizations.

This is the Lord’s gift of knowledge, reason and wisdom. And the Lord upholds these things through those He has given to us to teach us. These are our parents, our teachers, our pastors, and anyone else who imparts wisdom and knowledge to us.

However, the Lord Himself is also a teacher. And He teaches us that the gift of knowledge and wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. When we recognize who the Lord is, what He’s given and continues to give, and that He has sent His Son Jesus to atone for our sins, we rightly fear Him as well as love Him.

And through this fear and love of the Lord we learn more and more that the things around us in creation are His good gifts to us, and so is our ability to learn about them, and so we learn with joy, not with resentment or boredom, because the Lord has loved us enough to give us the grass, as well as a mind to learn about it and someone to teach us about it.

So we thank and praise the Lord for His good gifts, and we thank and praise Him for giving us parents, teachers, pastors, etc., to teach us. And we thank our teachers also, for spending the time to make sure we’re educated about the creation around us and encouraging us to receive that education joyfully. Amen.

Sean Kilgo4 Posts

Sean Kilgo serves as a pastor with the Northeast Kansas Lutheran Partnership. This includes First Lutheran Church in Sabetha, Immanuel Lutheran in Fairview, St. Paul Lutheran in Fairview and Zion Lutheran in Hiawatha.


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