Governing Body: Sabetha City Commission

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27. Present were Mayor Doug Clark, Commissioners Norm Schmitt, Nick Aberle, Maridel Wittmer and Julie Burenheide, City Administrator Doug Allen, Assistant City Administrator Bill Shroyer and City Clerk Steve Compo.

Guests present were Robert Ruddick, Julie Wenger, Kathy Simpson and Sabetha Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck.

Wenger and Simpson presented on behalf of The Main Event committee. They requested the city to pay $13,953.63 for the HVAC installation in the new meeting room, which was approved. See full story beginning on page 1A.

Westar Agreements

Commissioners approved the mayor’s signature on two agreements.

The first was an Energy Management Agreement with Westar. City Administrator Allen said that in previous years, the City has been involved with a power pool arrangement where the City of Chanute purchased power and then several cities split the cost of the power.

This agreement has the City of Sabetha purchasing power directly from Westar. Allen said this has been discussed over the past few years.

The second agreement was an EEI Agreement with Westar. Allen said any time you buy power from the supplier, you have to sign an EEI.

Also at the meeting:

Chief Wahwasuck presented his report. He reported that he had been working with officers on enforcing city codes.

Commissioners also approved the following:

• Minutes from the Aug. 13 meeting;

• Hillary Myers and Riley Wells as Emergency Medical Technicians;

• Drinking Establishment License for Brick Street Furniture Co. & Wine Lounge;

• Resolution No. 2018-16, establishing Sixth Street as a main traffic way within the city limits. Because of the work being done on Sixth Street, this designation was necessary for financing purposes. Ordinance No. 1531 was passed at the Aug. 13 meeting for the traffic way designation. This is the next step in the process of officially designating the main traffic way.

The next regular meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 10.

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