Views of Sabetha’s Main Street

In 1913, this is what the northeast corner of Sabetha’s Main & Ninth Streets looked like.


This photo is a view from the center of the 800 block of Sabetha’s Main Street looking west toward the intersection of Ninth and Main Streets. The photo was taken in 1900.


This photo was brought to my attention by a Hiawatha friend. It is most likely that this photo was taken after 1902 as the red brick Methodist Church Building replaced a wood structure church that burned on April 23, 1902. The steeple on top of the dome had been blown off of it’s lofty perch a couple of times and finally the church elders made peace with the prevailing Kansas wind and left it off permanently. Also significant to me is the J.C. Lanning Livery Stable and Feed store across the street east from church who was an ancestor of mine.


This photo looks at the southside of the 800 blocks Sabetha’s Main Street in 1895 at the Sabetha House Hotel and Restaurant.

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