School Organization: Sabetha PTO 8.28.18

Submitted by Hannah Dettwyler, Secretary

Sabetha PTO met at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Sabetha Elementary School library. Officers met with the 2018-19 head room parents and then followed with the regular business meeting at 7 p.m.

Present were President Kara Tramp, Vice President Jennifer Ploeger, Treasurer Jeanelle Plattner, Secretary Hannah Dettwyler, Crystal Wedel, Amber Deters, Kelsi Strahm, Suann Lawson, Miranda Young, Jamie Strahm, Lindsey Willey, Krystal Tangeman, Kelsey Boldra, Lori Menold, Principal Sara Toedman, Connie Maas, Chrissy Stover, Annie Deters, Krista Wasinger, Christie Kipp and Sami Boldra.

Minutes and agenda were approved. Plattner read the treasurer’s report. Dettwyler read the correspondence.

New Business

Head Room Parent Meeting: The room parent forms were distributed to the designated Head Room Parent for each classroom. Jennifer Ploeger discussed the handbook and expectations.

Comments/ideas from PTO Members: President Tramp welcomed new members, and each PTO member introduced themselves. There were no new comments or ideas presented.

2018-2019 Expense Budget: The budget was presented and discussed. President Tramp reported that the $844 needed to spray for weeds at all three school buildings has been paid for by the school district. The budget was approved.

Banner Stand Designs: Annie Deters will do mock-up designs for the vertical banner. Designs will be voted on in October.

Old Business

Principal Toedman gave an update on the Blue Crew Program. Their first meeting is Friday, Aug. 31. This program is aimed at building strong relationships between staff and students, who will all participate in activities together with their Blue Crew once per month.

Toedman gave an update on the Bluejay Way. “Bluejay Way Bingo” began this year. Students will use their tickets in a Bingo game to earn a reward.

Committee Reports

Labels: Menold and Wedel reported that Box Tops and Best Choice Labels are still combined. The class with the most labels gets an ice cream party at the end of the school year.

Bluejay Gear: President Tramp reported orders for the shirts can be made until midnight Thursday, Aug. 30. Orders can be done online.

Cake Raffles: Baked goods will be raffled at home game sporting events to raise funds for the Classroom Enhancement program. Amber Deters reported that dates are still being determined for this year’s cake raffles. Sign-ups will be emailed once the dates are set.

Give to Grow: PTO will have a booth at Give to Grow Day to raise funds for the Classroom Enhancement Program.

School Supplies: Young reported that this program is growing every year. A suggestion was made to change the order form so that parents will receive confirmation when their order was received.

Taco Feed: PTO will host a Taco Feed at a home basketball game this year. Sign-ups will be emailed once the date has been set.

Classroom Enhancement Program: Amber Deters reported $4,043.54 earned. Half of the funds will be dispersed by the selection committee in the fall. There will be another dispersement in January.

Landscape Maintenance: The Landscape Maintenance schedule has been sent out, and the month of August was covered. We have no volunteers for the months of September through June of 2019. Suggestions were made to share on Facebook and send more emails out requesting volunteers. President Tramp reported that Anita Meyer will find boulders to replace the dead bushes.

SHS Kick-Off Lunch: Menold reported that the kids really enjoyed it. A few adjustments need to be made but overall went well. More cookies will be needed, and an earlier start time to prepare was suggested.

Sunshine Program: Plattner reported that they are fully stocked.

Classroom Parties: Ploeger reported that the Head Room Parent meeting went well. Expectations were discussed, and questions were answered.

Spelling Bee: Wasinger reported that the schools have been registered and the bee has been set for 1:45 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4, 2019.

Back-to-School Breakfasts: Dettwyler and Annie Deters reported positive feedback from schools. Teachers were very thankful. There was a lot of leftover food — fruit, specifically. Suggestions were made to lower amounts for the fruit tray and to possibly cut out the sausage patties and orange juice. Breakfast burritos were suggested as an option, and it was suggested that the set-up volunteers be responsible for bringing the plates and forks.

Early Release Treats: Emails should be sent out to the Head Room Parents reminding them to contact the parents in their classroom that volunteered to bring early release treats. The treats should be coordinated with the other Head Room Parents.

Holiday Giving Trees: Tramp reported we plan to do the trees again this year. A discussion was held concerning the $125 we budget for the die-cuts and whether or not we want to attempt the die-cuts ourselves or continue to have them prepared for us. It was decided that the $125 was already approved in the expense budget for the year, so the die-cuts will be ordered this time.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 1, at the SES library.

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