Morrill City Council 8.20.18

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session Monday, Aug. 20, with members Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber, Kevin Wikle and Robert Baumgartner present. Also present was Mayor Roger Price and visitor Traci Rahe.

Minutes of the budget hearing and regular meeting were approved. Vouchers also were approved.

Rahe said they are considering having solar panels installed on their business. Information was provided to her of what the procedure would be to determine if it would be feasible. Rahe thanked the council and left.

The clerk asked if anyone would like to be the voting delegate for the League of Kansas Municipalities. No one had interest. The clerk said the city now has the capability to e-mail city utility bills to the customers. It was decided to move forward with this service.

It was decided Wymer should get prices on parts needed to repair the digger derrick truck. It was then mentioned the truck was to be sold.

Mentioned was the trailer house has been sold and is to be moved.

Discussed was the condition of the old church and what to do with it.

Reviewed was the delinquent account list. It was decided to shut off two services if payments are not made.

Halstead stated electric poles can be purchased from the City of Sabetha when needed.


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