Communications tower application is withdrawn

Herald Report

A conditional use permit application to build a telecommunications tower, at the approximate location of 9 East Main Street in Sabetha, has been withdrawn.

Assistant City Administrator Bill Shroyer said that on Sept. 4, city administration received an email saying that the company was withdrawing its Zoning Application due to the height needed not complying with Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

The application, submitted by Tillman Infrastructure, proposed placing this 320-foot Self-Support Communications Tower between U.S. Highway 75 and Old Highway 75, just south of the Bern-Sabetha Veterinary Clinic and N & N Storage Units.

A Public Notice for “Official Notice of Zoning Hearing” was published in The Sabetha Herald on July 11, setting the hearing for Thursday, Aug. 2, during the Sabetha Planning Commission meeting.

The hearing set for Aug. 2 was postponed to Thursday, Sept. 6, but was canceled when Tillman Infrastructure withdrew its application.


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