Memories 9.19.18

125 Years ago
Friday, September 22, 1893

This section was visited by a fine rain, early Wednesday morning, which will greatly stimulate the sowing of wheat. A few had been sowing, but many more will sow now.

We have not time and space this week for extended notice of the candidates on thee bifurcated tickets. So far as we know they are all good men, but are undoubtedly on the wrong track. We will have something to say on this subject between now and November.

The Troy Times argues very strongly in favor of small majority in Doniphan county. Perhaps if the majority in Doniphan county was on the other side of the fence the Times wouldn’t be so all-fired particular about the size of it.

The case of Atkins vs. Grinstead et. al. which occupied the attention of court the past week, has been disposed of, so far as the jury is concerned, their verdict being in favor of Atkins on nearly every point.

100 Years ago
Thursday, September 19, 1918

Lieut D. Mickey, whose terrible accident in a shell factory in New York is told in another column, is in a hospital in New York. His hand was completely blown off and his hip shattered. He was carrying the shell against his hip. No one knows why it exploded. There is no telling so soon whether his hip will heal, or even if his recovery is assured.

Arthur Gilkerson received a letter of interest lately telling of the promotion of Louis Cain, well known to many here. Louis went to France but has been made captain and returned here and is located in Virginia where he is to train a division of soldiers Louis is a fine clean young man. A fine example for the boys under his training.

The nurses life has been referred to as a “life of sacrifice.” In earlier days, this was true, when all nursing was done by the Sisters of Charity. Now when the work of the trained nurse has reached the dignity of a profession, it may be called a “life of service,” since nowhere else does a young woman get the great gratification that she down in the professional service.

The Rock Island is conserving its man power, hereafter the pumping of water to fill the tank for the use of engines will be done by electricity. In this way Ed Kennedy can attend to it and a pumper will no longer be necessary.

75 Years Ago
Wednesday, September 22, 1943

The Sabetha men in the Alaska area have returned to their former base and their, A.P.O. number is again 980 instead of 730 as it has been for several weeks. Letters from several of the men were received here Monday, the first in several weeks. All seem glad to return to their former base.

Robert Fellows suffered a fracture of the main vertabrae in an auto accident near Horton Sunday night. He was first taken to the Horton hospital, where X-rays showed the nature of his injury. Later he was taken to the SBA hospital in Topeka, and on Monday his mother, Mrs. G. H. Jepson, took him to Kansas City in the Jorden and Son ambulance. Mrs. Jepson returned home on the early train this morning. Robert is completely paralyzed by his injury and every possible medical and surgical agency is being given his case. His condition is considered serious.

Members of the Sabetha Council For Civilian Defense met at the office of Carlos Pautz, air raid coordinator for Sabetha, Thursday evening to lay plans for expected unannounced air raid warnings that may come in the near future. Those present were Defence Council Chairman E. L. Baker, Mayor S. M. Hibbard, Council Secretary Bill Tennal, State Guard Captain Keith Eno, City Engineer C. A. Darby, Fire Chief Earl McQuillen and Mr. Pautz.

Mrs. C. O. Wheat has given up her laundry work after 21 years of constant service for the same families. Her health will not permit her to continue the work much to the regret of her customers.

50 Years ago
Thursday, September 19, 1968

The population of Sabetha took another sizable leap forward during the past year. The latest figures released this week show Sabetha with 2,610 residents compared to 2,536 in 1967 or a gain of 74 people in the past year. This is an all time high for Sabetha and continues the trend of recent years that has shown a steady rise.

The Sabetha fire department made a run Wednesday afternoon to the Galen Brammer Truck Line barn, just north of the Union Pacific depot. It is believed that someone set fire to the gasoline hose on the pump in front of the storage barn. Fortunately, someone saw it and got a bucket of water and managed to extinguish the flames before the gasoline exploded. There was no serious damage. The fire truck arrived around 5:20 and it stayed only a few minutes.

You may be the one! Yes, you may be the one who has an unused Girl Scout of Brownie Scout uniform. If there is a uniform at your house which needs a Scout won’t you help get the two together? A uniform sale will be held at the Girl Scout Room, Monday, Sept. 22 after school. Uniforms may be brought at that time or contact Mrs. R. E. Jones. All who will need uniforms this year can check to see if your size is available.

By an act of Congress in 1936 a proclamation was signed by President Roosevelt designating the fourth Sunday in September as Gold Star Mother’s Day. With the war in Vietnam claiming more casualties every day- we in Sabetha are being reminded to fly our flags Sunday, Sept. 22 – to pay honor to the mothers who gave their sons. – V.F.W.

25 Years ago
Wednesday, September 22, 1993

A 42-year-old Corning man is free after posting a $5,000 bond the day after 161 cultivated marijuana plants, with a street value of $500,000, were confiscated from his farmstead last Thursday. Donald Alexander, Corning, will be arraigned in Nemaha County District Court on Friday, Sept. 24, facing charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell (one count) and manufacturing marijuana (one count). Both charges are classified felonies. Nemaha County Undersheriff Steve Linden said that state and local law enforcement officers are continuing their investigation into the incident, which now has links to Shawnee and Douglas counties.

Sabetha High School has selected its 1993-94 homecoming candidates. A king and queen will be crowned during halftime of the Oct. 1 football game. Candidates are Hanni Stover, Benji Wertenberger, Tethnie Werner, Matt Renyer, Yalana Schuette and Mark Prestwood.

The fall harvest is still about two weeks away and Extension Agent David Key said that Nemaha County farmers shouldn’t see too much damage from last week’s early frost. Key considered the damage to be “light” and mostly apparent on corn that was green, especially along the field borders where heat loss was experienced. The frost also may cause some low test weights on milo that hasn’t turned color yet.

Sabetha will get a new warning siren if a county grant application is successful. Nemaha County Emergency Preparedness Director Ray Downing earlier this month applied for a state grant to provide sirens for several county towns, including Sabetha, seeking more complete community coverage in the event of emergencies.

10 Years ago
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sam Aberle, a 1996 graduate of Sabetha High School, attended the recent National Republican Convention at St. Paul, Minn., as an at-large alternate in the Kansas delegation. The selection process to be a delegate is quite competitive he said. He was required to submit an application form accompanied by references and proof of active participation in the Republican Party. Aberle was an active campaigner for former presidential candidate Ron Paul before Paul withdrew from the race.

Harold and Louise Kneisel of Wetmore have been selected as the grand marshals for the Spring Creek Festival Parade, which will start at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20, at Wetmore. Louise retired from the U.S. Postal Service after serving as Wetmore Postmaster for 15 years. Harold retired from the U.S. Postal Service after serving as Powhattan Postmaster for 34 years. “We feel it’s a great honor to be asked to be the grand marshals of the Spring Creek Festival Parade,” said Louise.

You can improve your community and keep some of your tax money at home at the same time. Dennis and Dory Goodman of American Family Insurance in Sabetha decided to do just that and made one of the first donations to the Friends of the Mary Cotton Library for the Kansas Tax Credit Program. “I don’t know why people wouldn’t take advantage of this great opportunity to help their community,” said Dort Goodman. This State of Kansas program through the Kansas Department of Commerce will enable the Friends of the Mary Cotton Library to raise money to assist with the renovation project now under way at the library.

Former Sabetha Herald staff member Jacque Scoby has joined the staff of Northern State University as the Sports Information Director, effective Aug. 25. At NSU, located in Aberdeen, S.D., Scoby will be in charge of media relations, publications and statistics for all NSU athletics. “I’m excited to be here,” Scoby said. “I feel like I landed in the best spot possible for me. It’s a lot of work, but the coaches and staff here have been great, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”


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