Letter to the Editor: Area resident encourages diligent research regarding wind turbines

Dear Editor,

I encourage residents of our county to read this article (http://investigatemidwest.org/2017/12/04/rush-to-attract-wind-turbine-investors-leaves-kansas-school-districts-shortchanged) about wind farms and the effect the PILOT program has on rural Kansas schools.

The wind turbine companies negotiation for payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) was supposed to begin this week at the Nemaha County Commissioners meeting. The energy companies are attracted to Kansas, because we offer more tax incentives than a lot of other states. I believe these companies look to make the best deal for themselves, and our local government needs to be sure to they are protecting the best interests of their constituents when negotiating with them. This includes making sure we have adequate protection for all citizens, regardless of whether or not you are “for” or “against” wind turbines located in Nemaha County. Residents should educate themselves regarding the potential long-term environmental and medical issues associated with wind turbines, and get adequate legal advice before signing any land commitments. Be well-informed. Contact your commissioners to encourage them to fight for their constituents and get the best possible “win-win” scenario. I believe our rural counties and our rural schools need great representation with dealing with these mega billion dollar energy companies.

Lynette Strathman


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