Retired, tired or not!

When I was young(er), I never thought of retirement. Then in 2012, I retired from teaching. So, I became “retired.” I find it difficult to check the box on the forms that say, retired and I feel better when I can check a box that reads “working part time.”

Recently, a former student interviewed me for a college class and the subject was retirement. I realized after the interview that, according to the first part of the definition of the word, I am retired.

Retirement: the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. However, according to the second part of the definition, I am not retired. Ceasing to work is impossible, but it is also to me, undesirable. It sounds too old or too lazy or something.

When I was teaching at Sabetha High School, I believed I had the most desirable job in the district. I was teaching subjects I love and getting to spend time with teenagers whom I love. It really came as a shock to me that I actually retired to run for office. However, I was able to check that one off my life goal list. This interview caused me to reflect on my career and my life.

Working now for the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation (GSCF) has given me a second “career” that is totally fun, and I believe I once again have the best second job that anyone could have. I get to spend time helping people do great things for others and for the community. Another big plus is getting to spend time with a completely new group of people.

The original board members – or Founders – as they will now be remembered, are a group of dedicated men and women who have demonstrated and reminded me what I want to be – busy, involved and positive. I appreciate Sherry Scoby, who has never missed a meeting in three years; Jim Whittaker, who is never without a smile or idea; Lisa Kuenzi, a busy mom and cheerleader for our foundation; Loren Edelman, the guy I could always ask to help with a “to-do” list; and Lafe Bailey, who was instrumental in establishing our foundation logo.

GSCF is welcoming six new board members who have agreed to join six who will remain on the board. Continuing on as board members are Von Lauer, Marvin Kohlmeier and Steve Lukert, fellow “semi-retirees” who choose to continue to make a difference. Amy Mitchell, Doug Clark, Martin Mishler and Bill Simpson are committed to what we do and even though they all are still working, and they have chosen to continue to serve as board members. I believe it is simply that they like what we are doing!

Last week I was asked “How do I get involved in the community foundation?” This question simply made my day. Because this woman (yes, she is retired) is choosing to become involved and be a part of this community organization that is doing good things. So, come out of retirement or add GSCF to your list of one of the many things you do. Join us as we move forward to make a positive difference.

Leslie Scoby11 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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