Foundation awards more than $25,000 in Appleseed Innovative Grants

Submitted by Lynn Hartter

USD 113 Foundation Board

The USD 113 Foundation Board is pleased to announce the recipients of the Fall 2018 Appleseed Innovation Grants.

The Appleseed Innovation Grants are open to any teacher or staff member. The primary purpose is to fund new or innovative projects that directly impact student engagement. The grant also can be requested to expand existing innovation.

The Appleseed Grants are sponsored and underwritten by Kent and Donna Saylor. The total amount awarded this year is more than $25,500.

Sabetha Elementary School

• Full STEAM Ahead: Purchase of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math lab items for use in first grade classroom. Requested by Lesha Koch. Amount awarded is $1,391.

• Action-Based Learning: Purchase of additional items, including bean bag and basketball goals, and addition of painted concrete action games for outdoor playground allowing more students opportunities to engage in organized active learning. Requested by Donna Elder, Kindergarten. Amount awarded is $2,695.

• Teach Kids to Eat Healthy: Installation of television monitor to share photos and nutrition information with picture information, emphasizing fruits and vegetables, including photos of items in local grocery store. Requested by Lori Gruber. Amount awarded is $784.

• Structured Block Play: Purchase of magnetic building materials for use in Pre-K classroom. Requested by Holly Meyer. Amount awarded is $400.

• Lego Therapy: Purchase of Lego items to use for therapeutic hands-on creation of three-dimensional items, increasing communication and language in speech therapy. Requested by Julinne Moore. Amount awarded is $430.

Sabetha Middle School

• Mobile Microscopes: Purchase of all-in-one digital microscopes to allow study or use of digital images in the science classroom. Requested by Christine Krebs. Amount awarded is $500.

Sabetha High School

• Flexible and Interactive Classroom: Creating a variety of seating and addition of media center to increase learning opportunities, Mathematics classroom. Requested by Elizabeth Baderstcher. Amount awarded is $8,339.

• Library Reboot: Creating a modern space that allows inquiry and collaboration, using indoor and outdoor spaces, and technology while maintaining traditional library resources. Requested by Pam Walker. The amount awarded is $4,357.

• Standing Desks for Better Student Engagement: Purchase and installation of standing desks, allowing alternate posturing in the classroom, Language Arts and yearbook classroom. Requested by Kristina Castillo. Amount awarded is $1,542.

• Osmo-Lifeskills Game: Purchase of an Osmo game for use on iPad, to learn life skills applicable for career seeking immediately after graduation. Special Education classroom. Requested by Ricky Creek. Amount awarded is $265.

Axtell Public Schools

• Outdoor Music Experiences: Purchase and installation of permanent, outdoor percussion equipment to enhance student learning. Requested by Katie Sandmann, Pre-K. Amount awarded is $4,131.

• STARBASE: Participation of the fifth-grade class in the Manhattan, Kan., based STARBASE program, which supports innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum. Requested by Amy Mathewson. Amount awarded is $685.

The Appleseed Innovation Grants are one of many funds and/or scholarships administered by the USD 113 Foundation Board. The Board is made up of volunteer representatives from the entire district.

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