Donors Brighten Schools

It starts with a little question, “How can we help?” From there, a giving spirit has led numerous donors to provide that help — whether it be in the way of volunteered time, money or a little of both.

So much of what is donated is intangible or seldom seen by the community at large, but numerous recent projects have made visible what has for many years been occurring behind the scenes and under the radar.

For example, anyone who attended the recent Sabetha High School musical in the Sabetha Middle School auditorium might have thought, “It sure looks brighter on the stage.” Well, it sure is. A donor recently purchased all new lighting for the auditorium.

And this isn’t the only place in the district that seems a bit “brighter.” Donors have been brightening Sabetha schools a lot lately, through numerous projects.

Also in the SMS auditorium — the hub for Sabetha school activities and performances — donors have provided or helped to provide new curtains, sound system upgrades and a new camera. These projects were completed over the summer.

“The updates and improvements to the stage curtains, LED colored stage lights, sound system and video capabilities at the SMS Auditorium were substantial and all possible due to a substantial private donation,” said SMS Principal Matt Garber. “These improvements will directly impact student performances and the development of skills in lighting and sound production. It is another example of the dedication and commitment of Sabetha community members in providing opportunities for our students!”

Completed at SMS last spring was another project that stemmed from a community patron seeing a need and wanting to make a difference. This donor paid for new railing in the gymnasium.

At SHS, some big projects in the past year have put the spotlight on what can be done when many join together to bring a dream to fruition. The school sports a new outdoor plant and soil science lab, as well as a new press box, sound system and fencing at the football field and track.

Inside SHS, donors and volunteers refurbished the art room and the bottom floor hallways. In the near past, donors also provided new wrestling spotlights and a new football scoreboard.

Sabetha Elementary School also has been home to numerous donations — including playground equipment, a new outdoor learning area, and an enclosure for the crossing guard, as well as signage and window coverings to block the glare from the sun. Both SMS and SES received new landscaping in recent years, as well.

In addition to donor-sponsored projects, recent funding programs that have been implemented by local groups have provided even more opportunities to brighten schools, with local grants and other funding opportunities to teachers and schools. These funds have provided new tables and chairs, microscopes, robots, printers, alphabet learning tools and games, and so much more for local staff.

After a seemingly small question about how they could help, local donors have come forward in numerous ways — an anonymous individual, a business, or through a local organization. Whatever the way, the end result has been the same — brightening local schools, inside and out.

How You Can Help

Ask an Administrator: Contact district administration or building administrators if you have interest in helping with a particular project, or if you want to know if help is needed in any way.

Give to Grow: Numerous donor organizations that do projects to benefit Sabetha schools have funds through the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation. GSCF will be holding its annual Give to Grow Day on Friday, Nov. 23. Funds that support organizations that support Sabetha schools include the following: PTO Classroom Enhancement Program, Sabetha Music Boosters, SHS Booster Club, SHS Industrial Arts/FFA Support, SW Plains Student STEAM Activity Day, United 4 Youth, USD 113 Foundation. Numerous other funds indirectly support schools, or provide scholarships to students. Visit for more information.

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Amber Deters is Co-Editor of The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2005. She specializes in school board, election and legislative reporting, as well as photography and page and advertising design. Amber is a 2005 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in journalism and mass communications, print journalism sequence. She lives in Sabetha with her husband and three children.


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