Decisions, actions and tongue skin

“What would make you do such a thing?” I asked 10-year-old Jacob Scoby, who replied, “Well, I looked at it, and I thought about it and the next thing I knew my tongue was stuck to it!”

Yes, after a basketball game, a claimed well thought-out decision was made to lick the icy light pole to see what would happen. I remember looking for Jacob after the game and then hearing someone say, “Hey, there’s a kid outside with his tongue stuck to a light pole,” and my search was over. The only thing left to find was a half drunk Mountain Dew, which I grabbed to pour over his tongue so he didn’t lose even more layers of skin than were already stuck forever to the frozen pole.

I listen to Rick Warren’s podcast every morning, and today he was speaking about generosity. A main point of his lesson was that if we love, it must result in action. Warren used 2 Corinthians 9:11-12 to make the point that, “Your generosity… not only provides for the needs of God’s people, but also produces prayers of thanksgiving to God.” The act of generosity shows love to others and demonstrates our thanks to God for what He has given us.

I learned at a young age that God loves me. I was taught about God’s love and about salvation through John 3:16, which says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” But the most important part of the verse is that added to the love that God has for us was his action of giving. Personal reflection causes me to affirm this statement. I love my mom, but when I lean down and give her a kiss before leaving her room, she knows I love her and I feel the love from the action.

Last week, the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation held its annual Give to Grow Day, and 143 people acted on the love they have for others, for animals, for projects, for the future, for children in need, for GOOD.

Many of those people might have just looked at the flyer and thought about it and gave. Some might have looked at it and thought about it and not acted. Many who gave, are happy they acted, some who didn’t give now wish they would have. Nobody lost their tongue skin with the decision they made, but many who gave felt love and satisfaction from the action of generosity.

Remember, these organizations need your love, decisions and actions more often than on Give to Grow Day. Also remember that you can act any day you feel generous and want to “produce prayers of thanksgiving to God.” The online portal is open 365 days a year at

Actions really do speak louder than words for nonprofits who rely and depend on US to help them continue to DO their thing.

Leslie Scoby11 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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