Governing Body: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

Morrill City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, Dec 3, with members Dan Halstead, Brad Stolzenberger, Todd Gruber, Kevin Wikle and Robert Baumgartner present. Mayor Roger Price was presiding.

The council approved the previous meeting’s minutes.

The council approved vouchers.

After reviewing the draft ordinance concerning ownership of electrical service lines and meter loops, the council approved Ordinance No. 463.

After reviewing the draft ordinance concerning water rates, the council approved Ordinance No. 464.

The council decided to give the City of Sabetha three meat and cheese trays in appreciation of their help throughout the year.

It was decided to give city employees bonuses. It also was decided that city employees can have the Mondays before Christmas and New Year’s Day off work.

An update was mentioned concerning municipal court.

No information is available concerning demolition of a house.

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