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125 Years ago

Friday, December 29, 1893

The Surprise store has many kinds of goods of small quantities which can be bought at a very low price. I wish to close out the entire stock of goods or will trade for good real estate. One door south of National Bank. Come and see me.

The Wetmore Spectator explains that what is called a “pleasure parlor” at that place is commonly known as a “joint”. Our readers are informed, therefore that the fire at Wetmore originated in a joint.

After this week we expect to be found upstairs in the west room of the new Hogbin block, where out friends can call on us without falling over the ink keg or crawling under the imposing stones and presses. Drop in and see us.

For choice groceries – no better than anybody’s else, but good as the best in Nemaha county and as low as the lowest go to the store of E. Holtzschue.

100 Years ago

Thursday, December 26, 1918

Influenza is rapidly disappearing throughout the United States, but the ban on meetings continues on nearly everywhere. In Sabetha it is not known when the ban will be lifted. The government may take the matter up and control the epidemic by direct orders throughout the United States.

Santa Claus note That Kris Kringle pack you see Charlet Babst carrying around is filled with Red Cross funds taken in by his team. He carries the gunny sack around until he gets everybody to give, then opens it and counts his gold.

Shades of Spartan parents: They tell of a fond father who gave his son a gun and sent him forth to war. He has returned with powder in his flask, but it is not for his gun, but for his FACE.

It’s certainly a funny thing about the papers reaching soldiers. The Herald has gone forth to about forty soldiers in various sections and lands since the beginning of the war, regularly, every week. Some soldiers receive no copies at all. Walter Aeschlimann writes from France that he gets his Herald regularly and “eats it up.”

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 29, 1943

To encourage farmers to hold corn in Nemaha County, where it likely will be needed later in the year for livestock feed, the local AAA office now is making Commodity Credit Corporation loans on farm stored corn at the rate of 85 cents a bushel on grain grading No. 3 or better. A year ago the corn loan rate for this county was 80c.

A cardinal sitting in the maple tree in front of Mrs. C. L. Sherwood’s house Christmas day, discovered his image in an upstairs window and fought with his reflection in the glass until he dropped dead on the porch roof. Robins do this but did anyone ever before hear of a cardinal doing it?

Food retailers have filed applications necessary for the issuance of new ration tokens, which will be supplied by OPA through the banks beginning in February. There was a little delay because local banks received forms late.

The office of the County Clerk received a recent modification of the trapping law from the Forestry, Fish and Game Commission in which it was stated the restriction on the trapping of minks had been lifted. This means that mink can be trapped and the furs sold during the season which ends February 1, 1944.

50 Years ago

Thursday, December 26, 1968

The week end weather was good for ice skating, but little else. Streets in Sabetha became extremely slick Sunday and traffic was creeping along and even the drivers has little control on the ice covered streets. Kids were seen Sunday ice skating in the streets and in one case in an alley. Reports indicated that the highways south of Sabetha were clear and only in town and north was the ice a real problem.

Bids on the new high school building for Seneca Unified District 442 were opened Friday and came within the budgetary limits. The bond issue was for $860,000 including work on the school at Kelly. The general contract went to the firm of Herbert and Brooner of St. Joseph for $487,874. Lehmann and Meyer of Sabetha received the plumbing contract on the Kelly school work with the carpenter contract gel to Love and Osterhaus of Seneca. The total of the low bids on all of the contracts for the new school in Seneca came to $851,615.66.

When the city siren sounded Friday morning at 9:30 it did not signify a fire. Workers were just testing it after doing some repair work since the siren had not been operating properly. Evidently the effort was not successful as the testing of the siren was continuing Monday afternoon.

The Sabetha Fire Department was called out Saturday around 12:30 noon to make a run to Fairview. The emergency call came after an explosion at the Wikle Implement Co. in Fairview. The Fairview Fire Department at first feared the Main Street fire might spread but by the time the Sabetha firemen arrived they had everything under control.

25 Years ago

Wednesday, December 29, 1993

On a two-to-one vote, Nemaha County Commissioners made the decision Dec. 27 to construct a solid waste transfer station at the current county landfill site, quieting rumors that countians’ other option would be to transport trash across the state line. Commissioner Frank Kuckelman cast the lone dissenting vote. Last week he had withdrawn an earlier motion to build a transfer station until cost figures were received from bids and other costs presented from a private sanitation service.

Nemaha County will pay its portion of an administrative match to the Northeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging before the year’s end, but along with a letter of protest. “Money is not the issue, but the protest is against the way the agency has handled this,” Commissioner Galen Steinlage said following Monday’s board meeting. The state agency has requested a match in funding in order to receive elderly programs in the county for next year.

Closure was granted Dec. 28 on the sale of nearly $3 million in general obligation and refunding water bonds, putting in place the financing needed for purchasing water rights at Pony Creek Lake. City Administrator Ted Hayden made the announcement Tuesday morning stating that the money from the sale of $2,990,000 in water bonds will be transferred to a local bank. City Commissioners earlier this month granted approval to execute the bond-purchase agreement. The state holds the water rights to Pony Creek Lake and it is the responsibility of the Department of Water Resources to issue those rights. The City of Sabetha will begin payment on its portion when it starts using the water from Pony Creek, probably in 1995, instead of its current source, the Sabetha Lake.

Nemaha County has received a total of $395,803 from the Federal Emergency Management Association to repair damages by this summer’s flooding. Rita Haug, office manager of the Road and Bridge Department, presented information on the current FEMA projects and a report of funding at the Dec. 20 county commission meeting.

10 Years ago

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Due to substantial up-keep cost, Rainbow Communications will turn off the cable systems in Bern and Morrill on Jan. 23, 2009. Other towns affected by decreasing population and surging cable-system equipment prices include Goff, Baileyville, Havensville, Reserve and White Cloud. “These systems require significant upgrades to provide additional channels and services,” said Jason Smith, Director of Marketing for Rainbow Communications. “For the last year we have been evaluating solutions to upgrade the cable systems in their community, but because of equipment costs to maintain service along with other rising costs, it has left us no choice but to turn off the systems.”

The acquisition of land for the Veterans Memorial Park recently was finalized, with the State Department of Transportation releasing ownership to the City of Seneca. This tract of land is located at the junction of Kansas Highway 63 and Kansas Highway 36, east of Seneca. The design of the park, drawn by Ray Rottinghaus and computer drafted by Todd Stallbaumer, was approved by the Veterans Memorial Park Committee and by random veterans throughout the county.

Todd Strahm of Sabetha was one of 20 KLA members from across the state who graduated from the Kansas Livestock Association’s (KLA) Young Stockmen’s Academy. Fort Dodge Animal Health partnered with KLA to host members in their 20s for a series of four seminars throughout the year. During the first session, attendees were exposed to the legislative process, media and services provided by KLA.

Whether you think about it or not, water is waster everyday. You must intake water to survive, but there are guidelines that must be set for water use. In an attempt to inform the citizens in the Sabetha area, a group of seventh graders united and founded the Sabetha VII. This clan of seventh graders was created to participate in a contest organized by Scholastic. Together, we realize that we will soon be adults and need freshwater to supply our lives and the generations to come.

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