Photo from Yesteryear: Creamery Haulers

This photo of the cream and milk haulers for the Nemaha County Cooperative Creamery was taken between 1930 and 1950. These men hauled cream and milk from area farms to the Nemaha County Cooperative Creamery in Sabetha. In this photo, hauling strictly cream are Marcellous Ott, Routes 7-9-23; Pete Sauer, Routes 2-6-22; Carroll Eichelberger, Routes 5-16-22; Bill Cortland, Routes 4-15-20; Elmo Drake, Routes 1-17-24; Lynn Allen, Routes 3-8-21′, Andy Rokey, Routes 26-27-28′, Marvin Beightel, Routes 12-14-18; Clarence Massek, Routes 32-33-34′, Jack Stapleton & LeRoy Norrie Routes, 29-30-31; Merle Mosiman, Routes 10-11-13 with the following relief cream haulers, Junior Zwahl, Gus Sauer and Lester Beeghly. Hauling milk were Andy Bokern, Route A; Carl Kohake, Route B-1; Roy Weick, Route B-2; Clarence Aeschilman, Route C; Wm. Elliott, Route E; Gerald Rison, Route F; Raymond Randolph, Route H; Clyde Krebs, Route l; Guy Johns, Route K; Clarence Edds, Route L; Bud Tappehorn, Route N; Pearl Berry, Route O; Henry Massek, Route P; LaVerne Russell, Route R; Chester Kinsey, Route S; Frank Tappehorn, Route T; Virgil Hall, Route V; John Kelly, Route X, with the following relief milk haulers. Francis Buser, Harvey Wissler and Cedric Robinson.


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